Trench Coat - the most sophisticated

Versatility, good taste and elegance for your style!

Trench Coat - the most sophisticated

Versatility, good taste and elegance for your style!

You can't help but feel elegant in the coldest seasons of the year!

Hats, berets, jackets, a good pair of pants, boots and a beautiful overcoat or a Trench Coat make up this extremely sophisticated look.

There is some confusion when it comes to differentiating an overcoat from a Trench Coat and this information is super interesting, especially to find the look you want so much.

Above all, it is a jacket whose length can vary from the height of the hips, to the knee or even the feet.

The Trench Coat, on the other hand, has a marked waist, a button fastening at the front and an impeccable lapel, making it an essential item in the wardrobe.

Variety of fabrics and textures

The Trench Coat can be found in wool, which is made to give a well-structured trim.

In leather, with a more modern look and with a very neat lining to withstand temperatures below 10 ° C.

We also have the gabardine Trench Coat, for more basic looks that are still waterproof.

Trench Coat for your biotype

Trench Coat is a very democratic item as it goes well with any biotype.

So, no excuses to add it to your favorite clothing list!

Timeless colors

Although it is possible to find Trench Coats in bolder colors, many prefer neutral colors to establish a more classic, elegant and sophisticated look.

By choosing neutral colors like beige, black and brown for example, you can create a versatile look that matches almost everything.

But don't give up on the colors!

Trench Coats with vibrant colors add an air of modernity and casualness to your look.

Trench Coats are passionate, aren't they?

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