Metallic from head to toe

The glamor of metallic for all tastes!


Metallic from head to toe

The glamor of metallic for all tastes!

After so long locked in the house, now, any "little girl" in the street can already be considered a gala event, and we are not the ones who are saying this. It's the streets, the catwalks, it's you.

And because of this post-pandemic behavior, brightness is no longer the trend of the night and is now the trend of life. The glow came out of the ballad and hit the streets.

And you don't need to incorporate the "astronaut" or "futuristic" look of the 60s, nor get stuck in the "basic" metallics like silver, gold and bronze, the blue, pink and green, for example, comes with everything and leaves the look still happier!

Do you want to start using (and daring) metallics but still don't know how to combine them? Come and let us show you!

​​An interesting tip is to focus on neutral colors that contrast with the piece. Metallic pants, for example, require the blouse and coat to be a little darker, such as gray, black and brown, with brown, for example, combining more with gold than with silver.

Can it be basic? Of course you can, choose a sober look, with colors like black (which is a luxury) and add a metallic piece, it can be a jacket, pants, knitting or skirt.

Did you shiver just imagining yourself in an all-metal dress? Calm down, don't be afraid, start small, use a bag, a shoe, or maybe a belt...

During the day… If you're thinking that the metallic is only for the night, you're wrong. Metallic ones are there to compete directly with the sun.

At night there is only one rule. Not having a rule. at night the secret of the metallic one is to be daring! Whole pieces like dresses and jumpsuits will make your look full of personality and glamour. It is also worth betting on pants and jackets. Daring in colors is free for night looks, gold, bronze, silver, blue, red and whatever else suits you.

So, what's your excuse now for not using metallics?

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