Looking for a different backpack for your little ones?

Check out the 7 most loved backpacks for kids!

Looking for a different backpack for your little ones?

Check out the 7 most loved backpacks for kids!

Every school year brings with it that anxiety in children about their school supplies.

This is because all children have their favorite characters and want to take them to school too!

Adults know that it is not enough to choose just the character. It is necessary to evaluate comfort, practicality and safety to choose the best option.
Thinking about it, I separated some suggestions to facilitate your search for the ideal backpack. Come on?

G Toy Story 4 Backpack - Dermiwil

The G Toy Story 4 Dermiwil Backpack is spacious, beautiful and comfortable.

Its straps are padded, have side pockets and a very spacious front pocket with zipper.

Its rectangular shape is very practical and designed to accommodate notebooks and folders in the best way.

In fact, this was the one my son chose to study this year and I can tell you how excellent she is.

Holographic Unicorn School Backpack

The Holographic Unicorn School Backpack makes any child fall in love with it.

Because it is developed with holographic material, it is colorful, shiny and incredibly charming.

It has a spacious front zippered pocket and comes with a gift pompom.

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

The Minecraft Creeper Backpack is inspired by one of the most popular games: Minecraft.

It is divided into 3 compartments with zippers, being very spacious and comfortable.

In green and with black details, it pays homage to the character of the game called Creeper.

Due to its versatility, it can be used by both children and adults who are fans of the game.

Captain Marvel School Backpack with Wheels - DMW Bags

The Captain Marvel School Bag with Wheels - DMW Bags is colorful, with golden details and beautiful.

Made with high quality, it has a front zippered pocket, ergonomic handles, wheels for easy transport and a unique aluminum rod.

For anyone who is a fan of Marvel and Captain Marvel, this backpack will make the kids happy!

Marvel Iron Man G Backpack - DMW Bags

The Marvel Iron Man G Backpack - DMW Bags pays homage to one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel universe: Iron Man!

This model comes with the G + backpack and the P backpack that can be used as a lunch box, for example.

It is spacious, with a large front pocket and padded straps for great comfort.

Fortnite F11 Sports Backpack

The Fortnite F11 Sports Backpack represents this game so famous and a world fever!

It is made of durable nylon, with a spacious front pocket and padded straps.

It has a super cool print that mimics the movements of your characters.



Following the trend of this international phenomenon NOW UNITED, this backpack was all made with holographic material, super colorful and modern.

With rainbow laces and custom handles, it also has a padded inner compartment to carry laptops and comfortable handles.

You can find these and other models on amazon.com !

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