Basic tips a man can do to look trendy

Give your appearance a boost!

Basic tips a man can do to look trendy

Give your appearance a boost!

Learning how to dress better is not something that happens overnight, but with some tips, you can improve your look considerably, helping you raise your self-esteem and feel more confident. The secret is to better understand your style and adapt it to the most diverse aspects that are part of your life. You can have professional and casual looks, with a personal touch of style that pleases you the most. That's why we have precious tips to help you get there!

How about betting on basic T-shirts?

Good quality neutral pieces will help you compose a successful look, as they will allow you the freedom to dare in the colors or accessories that will match this wild card piece. When you begin to match your look to a basic piece, you will feel more confident to use your creativity in other pieces to give charm and personality to your look.

The details are revealing

The details of your look will give you the exact message you want to deliver. A modern tie, roll shirt sleeves, a pair of jeans with a more contemporary wash or a shirt with a different collar, will show confidence and whim in the details that will make people have a different and positive perception of you. A man who is attuned to fashion, but without exaggeration.

It's worth investing in quality jeans

Jeans are super versatile and very popular pieces, but some people still make mistakes in the look, because they do not respect and understand their body style and how to wear  jeans to favor it. In order to not make mistakes, start with a straight cut jeans that fit your body with plenty of comfort and with a more neutral color, like dark blue. Investing in good jeans is knowing that you will have a quality piece and that it will last for a long time.

Accessories can show a lot of personality but with balance

Today it is no longer a taboo for men to use accessories to make up the look. A good accessory can add a lot of charm and elegance, making you a very interesting person. A nice hat, a belt, a string, a scarf or a bracelet, are subtle pieces that will show how fashionable you are.

Timeless clothing

Timeless clothes are clothes that are not beat by time. They never go out of fashion and, when we wear them correctly, they match almost anything. Some examples of such garments are leather jackets, a well-cut black blazer or a military jacket, for example.

Is it worth wearing a beard?

As we said before, each person has their own style and personality and this should be respected. However, whether it's the beard, hair or moustache you want to keep, it's important to know that you should give them attention and care. Using a good shampoo and conditioner, getting a good cut, will give you a modern but aligned look. Wearing a beard, for example, is super trendy, but it is no excuse for sloppiness. It's worth going to a good barbershop and showing that the importance you give to the look, extends to your body as well.


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