The colors to make the season happier!



The colors to make the season happier!

What can we expect from this spring summer season here in Brazil? As for the general progress of things, we cannot guarantee anything. But as for fashion trends, you can predict a little and already notice that spring and summer are hot and colorful.

Colors are a powerful tool used to stimulate the senses, evoke an emotion and create a connection.

Agencies WGSN and Coloro defined the colors of the Spring/Summer 2022 season in the Northern Hemisphere. They bring very interesting inspirations, which perfectly match the perspectives we have identified in the fashion ecosystem also here in Brazil.

The colors chosen for next year's hottest season were inspired by everyday elements and situations in our lives. They are colors that highlight the simple emotions and sensations of everyday life, rescue the pleasures accessible in this new normal and stimulate mood.

So they follow:

Orchid Flower

This is the color of the year 2022 on the WGSN Coloro palette. It will be present in all seasons, but because it is an intense and energizing color, it brings to summer a force of joy and sensuality perfect for the most relaxed season of the year. In combinations with other colors from the Spring/Summer 2022 palette, Orchid Flower will impose these sensations for its intensity and visual prominence.

butter yellow

Butter yellow is very versatile to combine with colors from the most vibrant to the most sober, in tones from the lightest to the most intense. And above all, it combines perfectly with the other 4 highlighted colors of the WGSN Coloro Spring/Summer 2022 palette.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil, despite being a standout color in the Spring/Summer 2022 palette, is the appropriate color to produce the timeless models in this collection, which will survive this season. Its neutral tone allows the models to have long life and versatility for match with style pieces for the coming seasons, including models from the winter collections.

Mango Sorbet

Of all the colors in this WGSN Coloro palette, this is the color with the most genuine summer identity! Mango sorbet is the color of this tropical fruit, with a sweet and exotic flavor as striking as the strength of its yellow-orange color. It is the face of the exuberance of the colors of nature in the spring and summer seasons. Despite its nature standing out so much in the palette, Mango Sorbet is in tune with other colors when we can also consider it as one of the "nutritive" colors of this Spring/Summer 2022.
As good Brazilians that we are and we always find a way for everything, we also made some adaptations in the spring/summer colors

Candy Fresh

Candy colors will continue with everything this season, at least here in Brazil. After all, these pastel colors have the ability to bring a feeling of calm and tranquility. They are tones, which as the name says, have a certain sweetness. In other words, they provoke sensations that are perfectly in tune with the main trends


Neon tones have been appearing in fashion collections for some seasons and Balmain brought these tones again in tailoring pieces. It is possible that this mixture of tradition with such unusual colors causes strangeness in the eyes of more "conservative" consumers. But they sure are a promising bet for Generation Z fashion!

These are some of the trends for this spring, but as the season is one of colors and heat, anything goes.
Tell me, what's your color this season?

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