3 nail trends for 2022

nail trends for 2022


3 nail trends for 2022

nail trends for 2022

Even though we still love black, red and white as true nail classics, things can now be a little more exciting when it comes to manicures. It's time to let your fashionista side speak louder. If you look at the trends on Instagram, it's all colorful and nails are no different. Even the classics are being reissued.

1. Instagram nail trends: modern francesinha

The francesinha nail is and continues to be a favorite in nail design. But the classic is definitely not worn like it was in the 90s and 2000s, light base and white tip. Forget it. Fashion is now playing in bright colors and the tip of the nail no longer needs to be monotonous. And the shape jumped from square to oval or rounded…

2. One nail of each color in a pastel tone:  

Rainbow nails were already a real trend on Instagram last year. This year, the preference was for the version in pastel tones. The principle is simple: paint each nail a different pastel color of your choice. The trend can be perfectly combined with the trend of modern French nails.

3. Thin lines

To enter this trend, you need to have steady hands... For fine lines, it's worth using a fine brush and the rule is: there aren't many rules . Lines can be randomly drawn on each of the nails.

tell us, which one is your favorite?

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