Sweden - which cities are worth visiting

Plan your itinerary and have fun!

Sweden - which cities are worth visiting

Plan your itinerary and have fun!

Known as the queen of Scandinavian countries, Sweden impresses with its extremely clean, safe, organized and wooded cities, in addition to all its history, which have always inspired the genuine beauty of its architecture and the delicious flavors of its gastronomy.

Owner of unique and magnificent destinations, Sweden is certainly a place you need to know!


Close to Estolcomo, Uppsala is a city full of beautiful architecture that has existed since the 6th century, very lively due to the university students studying at Sweden's oldest university.

With several green areas to enjoy and relax in, this city boasts the power of the beautiful Uppsala Cathedral, the beauty of the oldest botanical garden in the country, the variety of shopping on Svartbäcksgatan street and the impressive works of Swedish artist Bror Hjorth.


The capital of Sweden has as its main feature, stunning landscapes at the water's edge.

It is divided between older sites, such as Gamla Stan, which preserves its beautiful historic buildings, and vibrant, modern places in other parts of Stockholm.

In the Sergels Torg region, you will find many cafes, cinemas, shops and shops in general.

People love cycling there and the city has been structured to meet this need.

The city also has several museums, among them is the Vasa Museum, which also has a restaurant, with varied dishes and a nice souvenir shop.


Sigtuna enchants with its colorful houses and narrow streets.

The center is a pleasant surprise for still maintaining the medieval style, exhibiting its architecture with a lot of charm and style, due to the fact that it is the first city in the country.

The city is full of ruins, so it is important to visit as many of them as possible to learn more about its history.

The Saint Lars church is an example of them. It was built around the 13th century, and later turned into a school.

In 1658 it was burned and today it is possible to see the church tower, which remained even after the fire.


This city has such an incredible structure that it was voted one of the best cities in the world to ride a bike.

Being bathed by the Baltic Sea, it attracts visitors who love the sea and all its splendid nature, with an inviting and pleasant climate.

Surrounded by lots of nature, beautiful parks and beaches, with modern buildings by the sea and streets that enchant by preserving the medieval style with all delicacy and elegance.


Gothenburg is famous for having one of the largest ports in Scandinavia.

But what people love most about this city is the fact that it has a relaxed atmosphere, which values art, fashion, design and gastronomy.

The most popular square is undoubtedly Järntorget, with all its charm and beauty.

Be sure to visit this super nice neighborhood, called Haga, where the best gastronomic options in the city are concentrated.

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