Overcooked 2 is the game you need to gather the whole family!

Have some fun!

Overcooked 2 is the game you need to gather the whole family!

Have some fun!

The kitchen is undoubtedly the favourite place when it comes to bringing the family together, whether it is for cooking or having a good and pleasant conversation. However, when we decide to share our kitchen with someone, whether to wash dishes, cut food or prepare them, if there is not a good match, the kitchen can be transformed into a very chaotic place.

Such a good idea!

Seeing this scenario of fun and chaos, Ghost Town Games developed the game Overcooked which was launched in 2016. With graphics full of colors, cute characters and stages with many challenges, the game had the goaç to take you to cook in super different places where you wouldn't see yourself cooking but for this game. Despite being simple, this game pleased many people and inspired the developers to create a sequence that is much more fun, chaotic and great than ever before.

New recipes: Yummy!

Overcooked 2 managed to improve the fluidity of the characters' movement, making everything more natural. The game also offers new recipes ranging from traditional fried fish, sandwiches, pizza and salads, now we can find pancakes, sushi, macaroni and cake. New ingredients have been added, such as chocolate, shrimp, egg, wheat flour, cucumber and honey. We must not forget household utensils such as steam cookers and blenders to prepare the new dishes.

Everything can happen inside your kitchen!

Kitchens have a crazier design than ever. An example of this is when you're getting used to the layout and organization of your kitchen and then out of nowhere it explodes and everything is reconfigured in the middle of the game. There is also a timer for you to finish cooking or the dishes catch fire and you need to use the extinguisher. It has also been added that the player can throw ingredients from one side to the other.

How do I score in this game?

Each time you deliver a dish within the set time, it gives you a generous score, which did not occur in the first game. There is punishment in scoring if you serve a wrong recipe or fail to deliver the order.

A family game!

With all this information, the tip is to choose your favorite scenario, gather the family and cook in this fun, chaotic and pleasurable enviroment. Overcooked has been very well evaluated and nominated for four awards at the 13th British Academy Games Awards, winning two Best British Game and Best Family Game.

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