Nintendo Switch Lite: What's new about it

Get to know it!

Nintendo Switch Lite: What's new about it

Get to know it!

The idea

For anyone who's ever had the chance to play on a Nintendo Switch,will say properly how innovative and incredible it is, although the price still makes its audience somehow selective. With that problem to solve, Nintendo has recently launched a console that costs half as much as the Nintendo Switch: the Nintendo Switch Lite!

Main Changes

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a more affordable and compact version of the Nintendo Switch. When it was launched in 2017, it brought a major innovation to the gaming technology market: it could be played both on TV and tablet, and could detach its Joy-Cons  to play with another person and with impressive image quality. At the end of 2019, the company launched the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite, with the portable mode, because it is not possible to remove the controls, due to the fact that they are embedded, which limits the player to play alone, without the possibility of other players. On the other hand, it is lighter and more comfortable to hold, because it has a more proportional size for those with bigger hands. There are also some positive changes in the buttons. 

Colors and others characteristics

The available colours are yellow, grey or turquoise, making it look very attractive to Nintendo fans. The battery life is very effective because of the Tegra chip which comes in a smaller size, contributing to the high  battery life. The Switch Lite can last between three and seven hours before you have to charge it again. Considering the company's goal of portability, this is certainly a very relevant change.

Is it worth to buy one?

The idea of this console is more focused on the experience of being a single player, with a leaner design and well adaptable hands. It is a super modern and updated device that leaves nothing to be desired if comparing to the Nintendo Switch, because it holds all the quality and innovation that the Nintendo company offers. It's exactly what Nintendo wanted, a portable  and more affordable video game. So it depends a lot on who will play it and what experience you are looking for with these consoles to choose the one that will be perfect for you!

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