The most anticipated season of the year!



The most anticipated season of the year!

With the arrival of spring, specifically on September 22nd, the hottest days also start to arrive, which makes us change our warm looks for those that are cooler and lighter.

As the fashion world is constantly re-inventing itself, the trends for each season and season are different and different hits from the past end up becoming the darlings of the moment once again.

1 - "keyboard up" fashion information

Social networks have changed the way we live, consume, communicate and dress. While many people are not at all concerned about the clothes they wear, working from home or not, photo and video sharing platforms arouse us desires through looks of the day, styling tips and short videos with styling tricks.

With many people at home, the desire to express themselves ends up being expressed on the networks, where showing the face, looks or style that one is adept is part of asserting one's personality and authenticity to the world - in addition to the possibility of working as an influencer be the option of many, especially the younger ones. In addition, with the home office increasingly on the rise, video calls are part of many people's daily lives, and dressing comfortably, but stylishly, is necessary.

2. Shapes and models

We are experimenting with a new way of thinking in several aspects, especially in relation to fashion: since we are at home most of the time, we should dress in the most comfortable and stylish way we can find, or to feel good about the image reflected in the mirror, or to make working days more productive.

Wider and looser shapes will be preferred, but the more structured and refined touch of some pieces give the feeling of someone who dedicates greater attention to the look, such as tailoring, for example, which, depending on the outfit, brings that much-desired look “easy chic”. Tailoring, jeans and ruffles will be great allies

Tell me, what is your favorite spring/summer trend?

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