Learn how to assemble a first aid kit

First care in an emergency can save lives!

Learn how to assemble a first aid kit

First care in an emergency can save lives!

Even if we don't want to go through situations where we have to use a first aid kit, the truth is that being prepared can save lives!

In adverse moments such as accidents, blows, falls, burns, bleeding and even bites, having items at your disposal that can effectively provide first aid until you have the help of professionals, is a game changer.

Despite having basic items for any situation, a first aid kit can be adapted, according to the needs of the people who attend a specific place or situation.

An example of this is when you decide to travel, and medication for nausea, stomach pain and even insect bite ointment should be added to the kit, or when you play a sport and having an anti-inflammatory spray can prevent or soothe inflammation muscles or joints.

To begin...

Storing the kit items well is essential for you to have everything you need, in an organized and efficient way.

The container must be properly sized, have a sturdy handle to be transported anywhere and easy visual identification to find it whenever you need it.

Another tip is to make a list with the items of the first aid kit, identifying the products and the expiration date of each one.

Thus, it is easier to make the replacement and you do not run the laughter of needing an item and it has expired.

What do I need in my first aid kit?

As mentioned earlier, the content can be varied and adapted according to the need, but there are basic materials and products that can help you in an emergency situation.

Are they:


Sterile gazes (to protect wounds from being contaminated or dressing)

Bandages and bandages (to make some kind of immobilization)

Disposable gloves

Saline (to clean bruises and wounds)

Antiseptic solution (disinfects wounds and bruises)

Pointless scissors

Adhesive dressings like Band-Aids

Ointment for burn (relieves and also moisturizes the burn)

Medicines like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen


Lubricating eye drops (to wash the eyes, in case of contact with any substance that irritates the eyes)

With these items always ready, the possibility of an emergency situation having a positive result in the end is great.

Prevention has always been and always will be the best medicine!

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