Have you ever heard of solid shampoo?

Know everything it can do for your hair!

Have you ever heard of solid shampoo?

Know everything it can do for your hair!

The idea sounds quite different, but the perks are tempting!

Let the solid shampoo amaze you!

solid shampoo is nothing more than a bar shampoo, with the main function being to clean the scalp and hair strands.

However, with many advantages added to this idea.

Technically speaking, solid shampoo is similar to a natural soap, with ideal components for your hair type (frizzy, straight, curly or wavy) and hair phase (oily, dry, rigid, and more).

Why a bar shampoo?

The need to develop a solid shampoo came from the amount of water (on average 80% of the volume) that is used to make a traditional shampoo or conditioner.

Which, for many experts, ends up compromising the quality and effectiveness of the product.

According to the manufacturers of the solid shampoo, all components are preserved in this super bar (as it is called), and are also free of chemicals that damage hair, such as dyes, parabens and sulfates.

With a high concentration of natural actives, the solid shampoo is able to nourish and restore the balance and softness of the hair.

Another incredible piece of information is how much this product can yield.

To give you an idea, a bar of approximately 100 grams can yield up to 40 washes.

It is perfect for those who have chemical processes and hair dye, as in addition to preserving the color of the threads, it is great for those who suffer from allergies or have a sensitive scalp.

A variety at your disposal

Nowadays, it is possible to find this type of product for the most varied types of hair.

There are even conditioners and styling creams, to offer a quality treatment for your hair.

Have these products longer

When buying a traditional shampoo, you will need a reasonable amount to wash your hair, due to the large volume of water in this product.

The bar shampoo, on the other hand, being more concentrated, is dissolved with a minimum amount of water, offering the expected result.

Not to mention that, as they occupy a small space, they are lighter and perfect for taking on trips.

And that information that warms the heart!

Most solid shampoo packaging is more compact and recyclable.

The solid shampoo concentrates only essential active ingredients, and the fact that it doesn't use this absurd amount of water (80% in traditional products), which causes a great environmental impact, becomes one of those products worth checking out!

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