Fall in love with these beautiful and small towns in Spain!

Coziness, good food, medieval landscapes and lots of charm!

Fall in love with these beautiful and small towns in Spain!

Coziness, good food, medieval landscapes and lots of charm!

Spain is the goal of every traveler!

Its rich culture, unique cuisine and magnificent buildings are the biggest attractions for those who are passionate about the world and want to get to know it better.

In addition to the mandatory stops in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, Spain hides small treasures found in its small towns.

So, I encourage you to rent a car and travel these beautiful roads towards these small paradises.

Shall we meet them?

Cuenca - Castilla - La Mancha

Considered a world heritage site by Unesco, Cuenca, this magnificent Spanish city, which has its roots in centuries of history, is known for its suspended houses, with its buildings on the edge of the mountains and with balconies that face a cliff.

Ronda - Andalucía

Puente Nuevo is without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions of Ronda - Andalucía.

This grand bridge was built in the 18th century, 100 meters above the Tagus River.

If you go down to the base of the bridge, you can see a beautiful waterfall.

The city is very charming, with beautiful houses and buildings, which intertwine in the middle of the narrow streets with restaurants, bars and shops.

Visit Mirador El Campillo, Mondragón Palace and the Casa Don Bosco Gardens.

Benasque - Pyrenees

Benasque is a typical mountain village, located in a valley at 1150m of altitude surrounded by the peaks of the Pyrenees mountain range.

It is a mandatory stop for those who want to visit the Parque dos Pireneus, another breathtaking place and perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, climbing, trails, etc.

With charming medieval houses and delicious cuisine, Benasque is highly praised for its structure to receive travelers from all over the world.

Besalú - Catalonia

Besalú is a small town that takes you back to the medieval era, with its architecture so enveloping, typical of a city that was once the capital of a medieval county.

Upon arrival, you will already be charmed by a 12th century bridge and its mansions and walls.

Lose yourself in the streets of Besalú and contemplate all its charm and warmth.

Lekeitio - Basque Country

Lekeitio is a mixture of incredible gardens, countryside, breathtaking port area and bustling nightlife.

This small town has a lot to offer, such as sunny days on its beautiful beaches, climbing on San Nicolás island, its historic monuments and medieval walls.

Located on the coast of Biscay, in the Basque Country, being one of the main destinations for those seeking a relaxing experience with some moments of excitement.

Spain is, without a doubt, an amazing country!

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