The fashionista clog of the moment!



The fashionista clog of the moment!

You, who are always very connected to the fashion world, must already know that fashion is cyclical and the shoe that has been making the fashionistas' minds is the clog style clog.

Himself. Which was hit in 2010….

With a boost from Hermès, the wooden clog makes its comeback now in the shorter version.

There are those who love them and those who hate them, but one thing we cannot deny: they are already out and about among the most tuned-in and, it seems, will arrive in full force in Brazilian territory in the next seasons. Before thinking about turning up your nose at the hit shoe of the moment, check out some tips and inspirations for you to join the clogs in more stylish productions.

Versatile is a piece that can be combined in different ways. Goes well with a more delicate dress, counterpointing with jeans for a more casual production and even tailoring in a plain minimalist model. Anyone who wants to bet on the total 70's look, the tip is to combine with pantalona.

We still don't know exactly how to feel about this controversial return to clogs.

But after these looks, a little bit of willingness to take risks isn't it?


Mariana Alves: @doisenes

Joana Dalla Roza: @jodallaroza

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