Thinking of painting the walls of your house?

So, learn more about the colors and what each one can add to the environment!

Thinking of painting the walls of your house?

So, learn more about the colors and what each one can add to the environment!

Many reasons lead us to paint or change the color of the environments we live in: the need for a fresh start or even to make the house more cozy or welcoming.

So if you want to know what colors can match different environments and what kind of feeling they can convey, this post is for you!

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If you are looking to make environments such as bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms more relaxing and calm, opt for the blue color.

With different shades, you're sure to find the one you like the most.

This color also leaves the room with a broader feel and is cited as one of the colors that most awakens and encourages productivity, making it perfect for offices and study environments.

And in the list of colors with more relaxing effects, we have green (living room, bathroom) and lilac (indoor and outdoor).

Harmonic colors that convey tranquility and sophistication.

The violet in darker tones, on the other hand, brings luxury and refinement to the environment.

In lighter tones, delicacy and romanticism.

And finally, in the list of serene colors, we have white that awakens the feeling of peace, cleanliness and calm, in addition to the power to give amplitude to environments.

However, if the idea is to make the environment more stimulating and with a lot of energy, we have the yellow one .

With a variety of nuances ranging from the most energizing to the mildest, yellow can add more freshness and charm to the environment.

Ideal for living areas, living rooms and commercial spaces.

And red that, if used indoors, can make them more inviting and welcoming.

Many people have a certain resistance to using this color in their home, but it can give life and warmth to a wall that stands out in the room.

What happens also with the orange .

Ideal for children's and teenagers' rooms, as well as for offices, as it is a color that awakens creativity and movement, in addition to instigating the appetite in living rooms or kitchens.

And finally, if you want to make environments more intimate and cozy, with a touch of sophistication, we have black or gray .

But beware! These colors must be used with some caution, so that the environment does not get cold and charged.

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