The advantages of having a Google Chromecast

Your TV much more "smart"

The advantages of having a Google Chromecast

Your TV much more "smart"

With the innovative idea of converting conventional TVs to smart TVs, Google Chromecast was brilliantly developed.

This device makes it possible to access the internet and streaming applications such as amazon prime video, amazon prime music, youtube, netflix, Disney + and many others.

You can mirror the content you want to watch, via your smartphone or other devices such as laptops, tablets and PCs.

It is only necessary that your TV has an HDMI input.

Google Chromecast is light, compact and portable, making it super discreet on your TV and can be taken anywhere, whether it be to other rooms in the house or to other places.

Its look is elegant, discreet and modern, which means that the need to hide it is ruled out.

It has a USB cable with charger and HDMI input and to use it, just plug it into a TV with HDMI and USB input.

Then, you download the Google Home app and configure it.

To make the process easier, Google guides you through a simple and targeted configuration.

After this configuration, just mirror the application with the content you want to use.

Regarding the image, Google Chromecast plays content up to 4K, but it will depend on the quality that your TV set has.

In short, it will display the maximum image quality that your TV supports.

I already have a Smart TV, do I need a Google Chromecast?

This depends on the quality of the functions that your Smart TV has.

There are some cases of people who bought certain Smart TVs, but they did not meet expectations, as for the image quality and speed of the connection.

Due to these issues, many have chosen to purchase a Google Chromecast to optimize these features.

So, whether you want to turn your TV into a Smart TV or optimize yours, Google Chromecast is for you!

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