6 baby-friendly products

Parents will appreciate them as well!

6 baby-friendly products

Parents will appreciate them as well!

 Parents know how challenging being  parents can be, especially since they make every effort to care for and provide comfort and security for their beloved children.  Thinking about these parents and how we can make their lives easier, we have made a list of products that will bring an extra smile to the face of these dedicated and concerned parents when it comes the welfare of their children.

Carseat CoPilot Automatic Alert System

This device has a very important job to do: save your infant's life. Unfortunately, it has become common to read news about parents who forgot their infants inside the car, and by the time they realized,  it was too late. That's why this product was developed and its installation and handling is very simple. According to the manufacturer, the steps are quite easy: there is a clip that is fastened to the seat belt. In this clip,  there is an alarm that emits a signal to your keychain, in case you move away by 3 meters. This alarm prevents the tragedy of locking your child in the hot car.

Ceres Chill Breastmilk Cooler

It is not easy to keep this precious liquid well chilled and safe for your baby. Having the task to solve this problem once and for all, the developer, Lisa Myers, who also faced this challenge herself, invented Ceres Chill, a mother's milk cooler. This invention is made of a stainless steel container with ice and water in its outer chamber to keep your breast milk as fresh as possible. You can attach it to your pump and it will keep your milk cool for up to 16 hours.

Nanit Breathing Wear

Now you can monitor your baby's respiratory movement and receive an alert if your baby needs help. These are breathing bands that comes with a camera and help parents monitor the baby's breathing while he sleeps. All information about your baby's breathing pattern can be accessed via an app.


Regalo Baby My Little Toddler Potty

Using a potty has never been more fun! The first highlight is that this potty really looks like a real toilet, but it brings all the fluffiness and comfort with its removable pillow, which can be used later in a traditional bathroom. It also has a flush button that emits a real flush sound to give your child a very real and exciting experience. 

Baby Brezza One Step Instant Warmer

When the baby wakes up, he doesn't care if you need time to warm up the water and then prepare the bottle. That's why the Instant Warmer is perfect for your baby and for you too. It has three settings to help you: body temperature, warmer than body temperature and room temperature. Just place the bottle beneath the dispenser,  with the formula already inside, and press the button with the chosen level. Your baby will thank you for your speed in satisfying his hunger.

 Collapse bottle

That's the kind of product you think about: how can you go so long without it? Collapsandgo bottle is a bottle made of high quality silicone that follows your child's growth and development. You start by placing the nipples, and then the handles, until it becomes a cup. It also gets a tenner for not taking up all the spaces in your cupboard or bag when you need to go out with your baby. It also has an anti-colic design because it expels the extra air. It's also super easy to wash and store and made of food grade silicone.

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