5 incredible beauty tips for pregnant women

You even more beautiful during the whole pregnancy!

5 incredible beauty tips for pregnant women

You even more beautiful during the whole pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a unique moment in the life of every woman.

Knowing that another human being is growing inside you, with whom you will be in love and with whom you will devote your love for a lifetime, is a wonderful and inexplicable experience.

And your body, this so perfect work, focuses on giving your best so that this life that grows within you, obtains everything it needs to develop.

Hence the hormonal changes, and with them, changes in the texture of hair, more oil in the skin, stretch marks, varicose veins ...

Therefore, I invite you to learn more about these suggestions so that you feel even more stunning during pregnancy.

Starting with the hair

Hair dye is not indicated, as it offers considerable risks to the baby's development.

Our scalp is a very vascularized area in our body, being able to easily absorb chemical components such as ammonia, benzene, among others.

You can choose to use shampoos that offer some type of pigmentation, temporary touch-up sticks or use more natural dyes that do not touch the scalp, in techniques such as ombre hair, for example.

And don't use chemicals to straighten your hair!

This can be a good time to give your hair a break from chemical procedures.

But if you do not give up on that, bet on good hydration, brush and flat iron to ensure aligned hair without any risk to your baby.

More affection with your face

Our skin undergoes major changes in pregnancy.

While some pregnant women experience minor changes such as pimples or a little more oil, most complain about how their skin got extremely oily and even women who never suffered from acne in adolescence, see their faces full of blackheads and pimples, and other parts of the body, such as the back.

Neutral soap is the most suitable to clean the skin, at least twice a day and an oil-free moisturizer and preferably, with sunscreen are important tips to soften the oiliness on the pregnant woman's skin.

Drying masks, exfoliating or any product containing substances harmful to the baby such as salicylic acid, depigmentants or antibiotics are prohibited.

Hydrated skin

Pregnancy requires fantastic elasticity of our skin.

Therefore, by hydrating your skin with creams and moisturizers and oils for pregnant women, you can avoid or soften stretch marks and cellulite and stimulate your blood circulation.

What is also great for the legs, which are overloaded and can swell and cause pain to the pregnant woman.

But is it all the fault of the pregnancy?

Definitely not!

Our eating habits can help or aggravate these changes that pregnancy causes.

Therefore, it is very important to have professional monitoring, to have a balanced diet that is beneficial for both mom and baby.

Fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and meats supply nutritional needs to promote healthy pregnancies.

What to wear in pregnancy

There is no way to dictate your own style for pregnant women, after all, even before you were pregnant, you already had your style and preferences.

However, it is necessary to wear clothes that are comfortable so that you can experience your pregnancy with as much comfort as you can.

Starting with bras with the right size for your growing breasts, panties that snuggle your belly and shoes that do not pinch your feet.

You can find inspirations on how to dress, adapting your style to your pregnancy in several fashion tutorials, feeling exuberant and confident to live this unique moment in your life!

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