Want to make your table more elegant and inviting?

Then, meet the table set with Sousplat!

Want to make your table more elegant and inviting?

Then, meet the table set with Sousplat!

The world of the table set enchants with its countless possibilities in compositions for pleasant and unforgettable moments with those we love.

And among all these available resources, we have sousplat.

The word Sousplat is of French origin and means "under the plate" "or under the plate".

And don't think it's something recent!

Sousplat has its appearance recorded in the mid-19th century, but became popular after the 1990s.

It is a circular base, usually with a diameter of 35 centimeters, which is positioned on the table to receive the most different dishes.

You've probably seen a sousplat at weddings, graduations, restaurants, or other special events.

The truth is that the table looks so beautiful and cozy that it makes us want to have these details on our tables too.

In addition to making the table more beautiful, a sousplat can be very functional, offering a cleaner table and giving more stability to the dishes, without that problem of shifting the plate while you cut food.

Variety in textures, colors and materials

With this range of options, you are sure to find that model that matches your style and decor that you love so much.

There are on the market, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, glass, crochet, MDF sousplat with different layers in fabric and rope (sisal).

Some even go with napkins and napkin holders.

In terms of colors, we have monochromatic, printed, neutral and other glamorous options such as gold.

How to have a table set worthy of a magazine cover with sousplat?

There is no rule about matching the color of sousplat to the dish, for example.

The idea is to find a balance, following a color palette, creating an incredible composition that integrates with other items on the table, such as plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins.

See these beautiful combinations and get inspired to build a beautiful table for you and for the special people who live or visit your house:

This sousplat model is made of rope, has a more neutral tone and goes with almost anything.

The delicacy of crochet combined with the functionality of sousplat.

Based on MDF, this sousplat model is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. Just change the cover with the fabric print you want.

Get the elegance of gold in this plastic sousplat.

Which sousplat model did you like best?

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