Want to know how to prevent premature aging? Hydration!

Hydrate yourself inside and out: learn how to do it for you!

Want to know how to prevent premature aging? Hydration!

Hydrate yourself inside and out: learn how to do it for you!

How many people have you met who appeared to be much younger than they really are? There is no denying that factors such as genetics and lifestyle influence a lot. However, by making a few simple changes, we can achieve incredible and very visible results inside and outside our body. Check out these tips!

Water: that miraculous liquid!

60% of an adult's body is made up of water. However, our body is not able to replace all the liquid that we lost throughout the day. For this reason, it is essential that we drink a lot of water so that our body can replace this liquid and hydrate our cells (since water is the main component of them).

Unfortunately, many people have difficulty drinking water or do not drink it due to forgetfulness and this is one of the factors that aggravate premature aging, in addition to triggering health problems, such as kidney stones or urinary tract infection, for example.

So it is important to understand that drinking water is not as pleasurable as taking an avocado smoothie or a refreshing pineapple juice, but it is one of the most important fuels for the well being of our body.

By drinking a good amount of water every day, you will avoid or soften cellulite, improve the appearance of your skin, and much more. Have enough discipline, perseverance and drink (a lot) water!

Moisturizing lotion: does it really work?

Among some causes of premature aging is dryness of the skin. Therefore, the time has come to include this very important care with your body in your routine. Hydrating your skin is not only to keep it more youthful and lush , but also for it to fulfill its most important mission: to create a barrier against microorganisms, allergenic substances and even germs.

Not to mention that, by hydrating your body with a moisturizing lotion, you connect better with your body and this is wonderful!

What is the best time for this care?

Many dermatologists claim that the night is the best time to do this , as the body absorbs all the nutrients in the product better. It is necessary to pay more special attention to the smaller and more dry parts of the body, such as elbows and knees , which suffer a lot from tensions throughout the day.

How can I prepare for this routine every day?

  • Before hydrating yourself with the moisturizing lotion, drink at least a glass of water
  • Take a shower (bathing helps cleanse and prepare your body for hydration)
  • Dry your skin very gently without rubbing the towel.
  • Choose the lotion that is the most suitable for your skin and apply all over the body, reinforcing the application on the driest parts such as elbows and knees, legs and buttocks.

Aging is a natural and unique process, but we do not need to advance this process. After all, everything has its time, doesn't it?

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