Papete is a trend

4 ways to use papete without falling into sameness!


Papete is a trend

4 ways to use papete without falling into sameness!

Papete sandals are an essential item among fashionistas who do not give up comfort, style and practicality to compose a look in the hottest season of the year.

The new way to combine these sandals is with delicate and airy dresses, with flowers and linen scarves. They also look good with loose, minimalist pants, sweaters and jeans.

A shoe model with rubber soles, support straps, Velcro fasteners and other outdoor tourist-approved details, the style only gained traction after its unofficial fashion debut during Prada's spring 2018 presentation. , designers like Sandy Liang, Cecilie Bahnsen and Dries Van Noten have adopted the look – a good indication that these “ugly” sandals are as cool as they are comfortable.

There's one thing we know for sure: if you're reading this, you probably love fashion and are probably willing to take risks and push the envelope. That said, this is a shoe trend you'll have to get used to. Whether you hate it now and love it later or vice versa, the “tourist sandal” trend is more than just a trend. It's a movement.

But let's get down to business, 4 ways to use this trend.

For you, who are joining this trend now, how about mixing papete, with denim shorts and a basic t-shirt or a shirt? Papete is in charge of bringing a cool look and a lot of style to the production.

Still speaking for those who are now arriving in the world of papetes, the proposal with a dress is perfect for the hottest days. The papetes bring a more "grosser" air to the look.

Now that you are more used to this trend, how about making a mix of papete + jeans, you can make a basic proposal like white jeans + black blouse and papete, as much as you dare a little more, as a trend coach + papete .

We have reached the "hard" trend stage. Tailoring + Papete. You may have turned up your nose, but this trend will still snatch your heart and your wardrobe if you're a card-carrying fashionista. The tailoring + papete proposal serves to break that office look a little and make everything much cooler.

Tell me, have you already joined this trend? If yes, how have you been using it?

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