Change your home decor with shutters

More privacy, combined with elegance and style!

Change your home decor with shutters

More privacy, combined with elegance and style!

Shutters are an incredible option for those who want to efficiently control the ventilation and lighting of environments, in addition to having more privacy.

In front of a range of options, we can find blinds: horizontal, roman, roller, as panels, among others .

Each with its unique characteristics, which still have the lightness, practicality and modernity compared to traditional fabric curtains.

It is also wrong to think that blinds are dull and always the same.

It is possible to find models with different formats, in the most varied colors and materials, in addition to the blackout versions, where they can block any type of light.

Recognized as one of the darlings of the most elegant architectural projects, shutters can add that refined tone to your decor.

So, learn a little more about the existing models and fall in love with them:

How does the blind work?

Reminiscent of curtains, but with fixed or movable plates, with a generally thicker material, blinds are opened and closed in a very efficient way, with chains, motors or cords.

With a type of system in pulleys, it is possible to obtain thermal comfort, controlling the light through a partial or total opening of the fabric or blades.

And speaking of opening, blinds can be opened or closed with a single control system, which is a rod that can be rotated for this purpose, motorized that work with the use of a remote and standard control, the one with a string that is pulled and locked.

Roman blinds - refinement and luxury

Voted one of the most elegant models, the Roman blind has a side cord that, when pulled, raises the blind horizontally, folding on itself.

It is usually made of light fabric, with horizontal rods arranged at equal distances.

Its use is recommended in: areas that receive little or medium exposure to sunlight, such as living rooms, offices and bedrooms.

In kitchens, fabric Roman blinds can be unsuitable due to accumulation of grease and dirt.

Horizontal blinds - classic and discreet

Horizontal blinds are considered more traditional, as they have horizontal blades as their main feature and, to control light, the blades are rotated by means of their chain, so that it goes up.

Despite being able to control the air currents and light, it allows the light to pass through it irregularly, not completely sealing the environment.

Because it is cheaper, it is widely used in stores, but it can be used in homes, depending on the material, which can be PVC (offices) and aluminum or wood (for living rooms and bedrooms).

Top down blinds - pure versatility

Top down blinds offer flare and functionality.

They are called this way because they have a peculiar activation, where the closing and opening of the shutters can be activated both at the bottom and at the top.

They are famous for being incredibly efficient at controlling privacy and the entry of light.

Kitchens, washrooms and offices are the perfect environments for top down blinds.

Wood or bamboo blinds - originality

The bamboo blind is one of the oldest models of blinds, historically speaking.

With thin bamboo or wooden boards woven and mounted horizontally or vertically, its design is designed to provide more privacy and reduce light.

However, it is not the ideal blind if you want to eliminate glare.

With a more ecological, decorative and laid-back look, it doesn't prevent it from squandering modernity, allied to style.

It is suggested that its use be done in environments that do not receive intense sunlight, as it can dry it out.

Roller shutter - practicality

As the name implies, the roller blind has a system that allows the fabric panel to be wrapped around a bar, with the help of a string or chain, allowing you to adjust the opening of the blind, according to your taste.

It's super easy to use and sanitize, has a standard size and can be used in any room in the house.

Its look is modern and functional, to provide more privacy and reduce glare.

Panel shutters - innovative

Panel shutters are a great alternative to large windows, as they have their design made up of panels, which can be wider or narrower, with the possibility of overlapping.

Which is wonderful, so that you can achieve the level of clarity you want right now.

Its cleaning and maintenance is very easy and simple and become a great decoration item for being imposing and stylish.

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