Alexa - You need to know her!

Find out what this interactive voice assistant can do for you!

Alexa - You need to know her!

Find out what this interactive voice assistant can do for you!

Meet Alexa, this voice assistant, with artificial intelligence and have a unique experience!

With cutting edge technology, Amazon in 2014 decided to innovate, developing artificial intelligence technology , capable of performing tasks with just a voice command, that is, translating your words into actions .

How does Alexa work?

When using devices from the Amazon Echo line, what we call Smart Speakers , it is possible to activate Alexa and use voice commands to perform the tasks you want, just using Wi-Fi.

Smart Speakers are smart speakers that have a microphone and audio box, which connect to the internet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When purchasing a product from the Amazon Echo line, you will need to download the Alexa application and activate it, using the word "Alexa", "Amazon" or "Echo" .

To use Alexa, it is necessary that you have products compatible with this technology, what we call smart products.

We have as an example, the fact that you can turn off or on the lamps in your house, lock the door, increase or decrease the volume of a song, do internet searches, shop online, schedule appointments , know the news, and much more . The possibilities are enormous when you have a technology in your favor, like this one.

Because it is considered an artificial intelligence, Alexa is able to understand your preferences, tastes and habits and adapt them , making your routine much easier and more pleasurable.

We can start by talking about the section: Alexa skills .

To take advantage of your skills, you need to have an account or a subscription. A good example is if you want to order food from Ifood. For that, it is necessary to login your account in this app, in the Skills section of Alexa. Then say phrase like "Alexa, I want to eat a burger" or Alexa, I want to eat pizza ".

Alexa understands her routine

With a simple "Alexa, good morning", you will be able to receive various information pertinent to your day, for example, weather, your daily schedule, the most important news, among other things.

Alexa will be an incredible partner for your home appliances and electronics

By connecting Alexa to your TV, for example, you can watch Amazon Prime video films and series, increase and decrease the volume, choose your favorite movie, without the need for a remote control. You can also listen to your favorite books on Kindle , shop and search for products on, or listen to your heart music on Amazon Music .

Alexa also works with other apps like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. If you have a smart appliance, you can turn on your coffee maker, washing machine, activate or deactivate your home's security system, just with your voice command.

Do you want to have Alexa in your life? You can find Smart Speakers on!

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