5 modern bedroom tips to inspire you!

Your favorite place in the house deserves such special touches!

5 modern bedroom tips to inspire you!

Your favorite place in the house deserves such special touches!

To get the decoration of any style of the room right, it is necessary to know how to harmonize your personality and preferences for a surprising result.

And it is not so simple and easy.

Looking for inspiration in the novelties of the world of decoration is the ideal way to get the room of your dreams.

And speaking of the modern room, decorative objects such as paintings, vases or pillows, more vibrant or serene colors, lamps and certain furniture, guarantee a harmonious, charming and timeless beauty.

Check out the trends and ideas full of practicality to modernize your room, with style and comfort:


The most popular choice when it comes to a headboard is a cushioned model with velvety fabric, right?

However, when opting for a modern style room, a lighted headboard is the super tip.

Suspended luminaires

Hanging lamps are a very accurate touch for anyone looking to bring modernity to their room.

They are elegant and very beautiful, leaving your room looking like a "magazine cover".

Japanese bed or lower

The Japanese bed, known as the lower bed is an oriental minimalist touch, which carries the belief that the closer to the floor we are sleeping, the more positive energies we will absorb, which can directly interfere with the quality of our sleep.

Beliefs aside, the truth is that this type of furniture gives a feeling of spaciousness of the environment, in addition to being very beautiful and inviting.

A contrasting point

Many experts in decorating modern rooms claim that adding a contrasting point with materials such as wood, can give that air of modernity so desired.

That's because wood panels bring that warm and sophisticated touch that a room should have.


The curtains in a modern bedroom usually follow the tone of the walls.

No fancy colors! But this has a reason ...

By placing curtains in the same tone as the walls, your room gains the feeling of being more spacious and allows other details of modern decor to receive due attention.

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