throwback trend???? That's right, she's back! Low waist.

Is the low-slung back real?

throwback trend???? That's right, she's back! Low waist.

Is the low-slung back real?

Is the low-slung back real?

You can't pretend it's not happening anymore, because it's real. She returned. The waist began to go down again, especially in people who are more into street style. It's not today that the belly showing is famous, but with the boom in high waists, she was a little off.

The trend of the 2000s - which we probably all wear at some point in our lives - promises to return with everything, both in jeans and in the sportier models. The waistband can also vary between extremely low and intermediate, but always below the navel. The controversy surrounding the modeling revolves around the bodies. In addition to marking the hip, many women are still questioning who can use it. And the answer is: whoever wants to.

Bella Hadid, Anitta, Hailey Bieber, Bruna Marquezine and Dua Lipa have already been photographed using the model, combining the piece with cropped tops, fine fabric tank tops and even tulle blouses, ensuring a composition full of personality and with a lot of skin on display. The tight modeling gave way to ample and voluminous cuts, bringing a balance to the silhouette, taking the focus off the hip demarcation and including the laid-back mood.

The main tip is to choose a pair of low-waisted pants, avoiding opting for extremely low-waisted versions. (We need to accept that we are no longer living an eternal "Oops! I Did it again")

We like this version with a not so low waist, but that leaves the navel exposed, the look takes on a cooler vibe. For those who want to get into the trend, it's worth betting on the wide models that give a more street effect to the production.

Tell me, are you going to revive this trend?

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