Mirrors to beautify your home!

An item as important as this deserves to be highlighted in your home!

Mirrors to beautify your home!

An item as important as this deserves to be highlighted in your home!

With different frames and sizes, mirrors can be great allies when it comes to decorating an environment.

Nowadays, there are quite versatile models that can show all personality and good taste in any room.

Among the available models, we can find rustic, sophisticated, themed and modern mirrors, which easily harmonize with the rest of the house.

If you are looking for inspiration to get your mirrors right, this post will help you!

Check it out:

Themed mirrors

This London Cabine Telephone Mirror Kapos Red is the type of mirror that leaves the environment vibrant and full of personality.

If you want to bring color and an adventurous spirit, this is the mirror for you!

It is made of MDF and its dimensions are 26x64 cm, in red with the theme "Telephone - London" .

Rustic mirrors

The Round Mirror With Formacril Wooden Frame is beautiful and functional. With leather as a prominent element in its handle and imbuia wood frame, you will have all the refinement and charm of the rustic in your home.

Sophisticated mirrors

The Prisma Metal Framed Mirror is an example of how you can have a sophisticated mirror in your home.

With plated metal wire and fine workmanship, this mirror will stand out in your home as a unique piece.

It can also be hung horizontally or vertically and can be used as a tray.

Modern mirrors

The Dima Umbra Black Metal Framed Mirror has the shape of rhombuses that can be hung with a variety of patterns.

They are suspended by modern chains and rounded buttons, combining delicacy and modernity.

This trio of mirrors will be very successful in decorating your favorite environment!

Now just choose your favorite home environment and choose the perfect mirror!

You can find these beautiful mirrors and several other models on amazon.com !

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