Know the main physical activities practiced in the water

For you to exercise and cool off!

Know the main physical activities practiced in the water

For you to exercise and cool off!

Physical activities in the water have been a great ally to keep in shape and refresh the body, since the high temperatures have led many people to look for aquatic physical activities.

Aquatic exercises, in addition to being super fun and refreshing, increase the flexibility and resistance of the body, promote weight loss and improve cardiac capacity, in addition to considerably reducing the impact of exercise, which is a great advantage, especially for those who suffer from back and knee pain, for example.

All you need is a swimsuit or swim trunks, swimming goggles and a swimming cap. Come on?

How about we start with classic swimming?

This exercise moves you from head to toe! Because it is a complete sport, it can help you burn calories (up to 500 calories per class), develop an upright posture, strengthen your muscles and even help you recover from injuries. It is suitable for all ages, from babies, pregnant women, to the elderly.


If you love cycling, you will love this sport! The goal is to cycle on an exercise bike, in the water. The hydro bike instructor alternates the positions of the exercises to make the class more interesting, dynamic and so that the students can obtain the benefits of this training. Among them are muscle toning, weight loss and an evident improvement in cases of cellulite. This activity can burn up to 600 calories.

Aqua Zumba

Think of a fun class! That's because it's a dance class with all those "hot" rhythms like meringue, salsa, mambo, among others, and everything done inside the pool. When dancing in the water, you feel that every movement, however simple it may be, is intensified, which helps in burning fat and toning muscles. Burn up to 800 calories each class.

Water aerobics

Anyone who thinks that water aerobics is only beneficial for the elderly is wrong. With aerobic exercise, the use of dumbbells and pool noodles, you can achieve a great improvement in resistance and breathing, burn calories, tone your muscles and improve your body posture. This mode can burn up to 400 calories per class.


With a mini trampoline positioned inside the pool, the student is encouraged to jump, kick and simulate runs on top of this equipment. The advantages are: weight loss, increased resistance, reduced varicose veins and cellulite and improved blood circulation. Lose up to 500 calories per class.

Remembering that the amount of calorie loss depends a lot on the physical conditioning and commitment of the practitioner.

So, which of these activities did you enjoy the most?

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