Is it more practical to have a sink with a double bowl?

If you dream of this item in your kitchen, this post is for you!

Is it more practical to have a sink with a double bowl?

If you dream of this item in your kitchen, this post is for you!

Whether you are building a house or undergoing some renovation in your home, it is essential to say that some items must be well planned, as they tend to remain the way they were chosen, as is the case with decisions related to the hydraulic part.

It's times like these that make us think more calmly, especially on important decisions like choosing the type of sink.

And who has never thought of having a sink with a double bowl?

Although not so popular in some countries, the double tub is an item that can add a lot of charm and practicality to your kitchen, especially if this is the most used and loved room in the house.

Check out how advantageous it can be, having a sink with a double sink in your kitchen:

To begin

It is important to know a little about the differences when it comes to sink bowls.

The overlapping tub is different when installing it, because this type of tub is superimposed on the countertop, and it is essential that it has an excellent finish on the edges, as they stand out.

The built-in tub, on the other hand, is installed by means of a precise fit and glued inside the sink, that is, it is built-in to the countertop.

It is possible to find these two types of installation for a double tank on the market.

As for quality, both versions are great, and it is up to you, what kind of aesthetics you want for your kitchen.

Essential Details

In addition to choosing the type of double pot, it is crucial to check the size and depth of the pots.

It's no use having a bench with a double tub if it can't meet the demand for use in the house.

Also decide whether there will be a faucet for each tub, or a faucet that can move both ways.

There are beautiful gourmet faucets that can compose your kitchen design with great elegance.

That said, it's amazing to think about how efficient a double tub can be and help a lot with the routine of the house.

Multifunctional kitchen

Be agile in the kitchen by being able to sanitize vegetables and fruits in one vat, while the other is being used to wash dishes.

Some models come with accessories such as a cutting board that can be fitted to one of the bowls while it is not being used.

Wash dishes more efficiently

People who have this type of tub in their kitchens comment on how easy it is to separate the items to be washed and distribute them between the two tubs.

Making the dishwashing process easier and more efficient.

Plates, glasses and cutlery in one vat and pans in the other.

kitchen partnership

One really cool thing about having a double tub is the ability to share tasks and at the same time interact with the family.

While one washes the glasses, the other washes the vegetables, or if one is soaping the dishes, the other washes.

The possibilities are many to share this task that can be very tiring for just one person.

Invest in models with accessories

Double bowls can come with very interesting and useful accessories such as a cutting board, dish drainer, detergent dispenser and built-in trash can.

Therefore, investing in a double tub can make your kitchen more beautiful and functional, leaving one of the favorite spaces in the house, more decorated and practical.

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