Board games to have fun with your family!

Let's team up!

Board games to have fun with your family!

Let's team up!

Spending time with your beloved ones is a gift! And with a lot of creativity we can enjoy every second. So, here's a list of awesome board games to play with your family and create good memories! You can bet candies for the winner and house cleaning for the loser!

A Game of thrones 

Even if you haven't watched or read it, you surely have heard about it. Based on the George R. R. Martin novel, this board game allows the players to control the Great Houses of Westeros and fight for the throne. You can create strategies to avoid a war or even start one. So choose your favorite house and fight for it!

Pandemic legacy

We cannot control the world outside but we can develop strategies and save the world in this game. The scenario is quite the same: the world is about to face a terrible disease. Your team is in a bay and has to keep four deadly diseases there for a year. Full of surprises and repercussions, this game will test your abilities to deal with a pandemic crisis.

Through the ages

You start with a small tribe and finish with a great civilization. In order to expand your territory, you need to get the resources to develop your cities. Wise decisions will lead you to your goal: a nice civilization with culture, a powerful  military, economically strong with glad citizens.


Scrabble is basically a crossword game that chalenges your mental agility. You have to connect words using letter cards with different score values, which is awesome because you will be able to increase your vocabulary! 

Journey to the center of Earth

It is a fascinating experience with obstacles to overcome, unknown places to explore and artifacts to collect. You have to go through this journey, choosing the best strategies, facing danger and discovering amazing things in the interior of the earth.


It is a game of questions and answers in order to guess what the character is. This game gives you the chance to elaborate different questions and answers as well. You wiil get a chance to show off what you know about the World of Disney! 

Hi-ho! Cherry-O

Your kids will love this game, mainly because they will be able to practice numbers and counting in a very ludic way! They have to pick fruit from the trees and fill their buckets with them. There's a spinner to show them the numbers of fruit to pick. The first to fill the bucket wins the game.

The game of life

This game gives you the power to control your life by taking right decisions to success. Of course, there are some unexpected situations to deal and others to avoid. So you finished your studies. What's next? It is also a great opportunity to talk about it with your family and share each other's plans.

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