5 mind-blowing movies to watch on amazon prime video

Tension, suspense and adrenaline from beginning to end!

5 mind-blowing movies to watch on amazon prime video

Tension, suspense and adrenaline from beginning to end!

While we enjoy the ease of accessing thousands of films, series and documentaries, thanks to streaming services, finding a good movie to watch is not always so easy.

Especially if your mood is asking for a specific type of film.

There are days when we want a light, fun and even romantic film, while on other days we want the scares of a horror film or the chill in the belly and tension that a good suspense film causes us.

And if suspense is your favorite type of film, you will love these suggestions that are available on amazon prime video! Check out:

Final destruction - The last refuge (Greenland)

In this electrifying plot, John Garrity, Alison and the couple's son, Nathan, must face several situations of extreme danger and tension to save themselves from a possible collision of a comet, which threatens to extinguish almost all of humanity.

With the goal of reaching a Bunker (a type of super safe shelter and developed for situations like these), this family will have their hope and courage tested in the midst of a catastrophic scenario like this.

Be amazed by incredible special effects like explosions, meteor showers, fireballs, twists and great performances by Butler, Morena Baccarin and Roger Dale Floyd.

Unhinged Fury

With moments of tension well constructed and a very familiar narrative, Unhinged Fury is a punch in the stomach when dealing without any type of filter, the savagery that a man can achieve, by having an emotional imbalance, intensified by stress in situations of the day by day.

Russell Crowe is the protagonist of a character with brutal scenes and acts of cruelty, who decides to "give a hellish day" to the character Rachel (Caren Pistorius) and her son, after a traffic fight.

Get ready for several moments of tension, deep dialogues and an ending worthy of a suspense film!

The Report

The Report is a film that captivates our attention in addition to surprising because it is based on real facts.

Meet Daniel J. Jones (Adam Driver), who is responsible for a thorough investigation into the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program, which was created after the September 11 attacks.

The highlight of the whole plot is the search and disappointing discoveries that point to unbelievable levels of corruption within the agency, leading to acts of hiding secrets, destruction of evidence and much more.

Follow this fascinating storyline full of explosive truths.


7500 is that type of film that manages to convey the protagonist's agony and despair when dealing with traumatic and stressful situations.

The story is set in a plane that leaves Berlin for Paris, which would be a routine trip for any pilot, unless terrorists decide to hijack him.

With the pilot injured, co-pilot Tobias (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), has to deal with the inconstancy of armed men who constantly threaten their hostages.

Crucial decisions need to be made by this co-pilot who will face the most difficult and problematic situation of his career.

The Wall

Scenes with angles that are very reminiscent of video games, where you feel like the protagonist, The Wall is the film chosen to close the list of great suspense films on amazon prime video.

When summoned to complete a rescue mission in Iraq, Isaac (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Matthews (John Cena) find themselves in a desolate setting, where there are no survivors and still with the difficult task of getting out of an ambush alive.

A dilapidated wall is all they have to survive the onslaught of a dangerous sniper.

Psychological pressures, strategies, a lot of action and suspense make up the whole plot.

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