Outstanding bags for a lifetime!

Because we are crazy about bags!

Outstanding bags for a lifetime!

Because we are crazy about bags!

This iconic fashion item, which used to be used only to carry things, now works very well as a practical, stylish and unique accessory. We are talking about the wonderful and indispensable bag. But in order not to have a lot of them stored in your wardrobe, it's important to know its material, design and color that match your personal style, something that will last a lifetime and not just for one season. 

Let's start with a basic black bag

Don't be fooled by the word "basic", because this bag carries all the glamour of a great brand, besides its super practical design, which matches any look. Whether it's more stripped down or chic, it goes with everything. Its material is structured and made of soft leather with a bag flap and the buckle on the adjustable strap. It has sophistication with its magnetic closure and colored leather lining. You can also wear it crossbody, which makes this bag, a very stylish and unique one.

The olive shade bag

The first thing that impresses about this bag is its design, definitely. Its structured top handle, it's a charm apart. Its handles are removable and can be adjusted. And this unique trendy colour will make you noticed for your good taste, but also for carrying such a unique bag, just like you. Another example of a versatile and elegant handbag that will accompany you for a long time, because it is made of leather and offers high quality, by the very brand that presents it to the fashion world.

How about getting out of the ordinary with that stylish clutch?

This beautiful printed leather clutch is for those who want to bold the look, but without losing the elegance. Its warm and tropical colors stand out and will certainly not let you go unnoticed. Its design is also very practical and with undeniable quality. It also comes with this beautiful twist lock-fastening front flap . Its lining is made of white leather, the outside with shades of green and blue and burnished edges in black throughout.

Metal is the new trendy

This stunning leather bag is guaranteed success when combined with this stylish metal strap and another strap that can be adjusted or removed. More versatile than that, impossible. Don't be fooled by its small size. This bag is powerful because it carries style, elegance and shows how much you know about fashion. This golden metal detail is the kind of design that goes well during the day as well as at night.

The Cherry charm

With an eye-catching design, this bag brings a lot of style and charm. This classic "CD" structure on the side of the handles shows how modern and unique it is. This bag has a romantic, modern and charming touch at first glance. Made of leather and with this cherry red colour, it is a success on any occasion.

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