How to stay physically active while working from home

Your body and mind thank you!

How to stay physically active while working from home

Your body and mind thank you!

Working from home has been a great discovery for many people who have had their routines altered because of the pandemic. Despite having its challenges, the home office style has generated good discussions, such as the fact of providing more flexible hours, the convenience of working in the comfort of your home, without the stress of traffic or crowded public transport, for example. However, something that has been worrying a lot is the sedentary lifestyle that has taken over the lives of many workers, triggering physical health and even emotional problems. The WHO - World Health Organization, states that for a person to be considered physically active, they need to exercise for at least 150 minutes a week, which is by far the reality of many home office professionals. Staying physically active is challenging but not impossible. Therefore, we have gathered some suggestions to help you in this process.

First of all, think good things

Our body is our home and obviously we need to take good care of it. Keep in mind that these small changes will bring many beneficial results, for your body and mind. By deciding to stay active, you will be able to improve your breathing, renew your mood, decrease stress and stabilize yourself emotionally. It is worth checking out the following suggestions and improving your home office routine.

Shall we go back to the past?

Before the famous remote control existed, people were forced to get up to change channels or radio stations. Nowadays, we can do almost everything on the cell phone and this also contributes to a sedentary life. We are not asking you to hide your remote control, we just suggest small changes that encourage you to get up a little from the chair. A good example is the famous "time to drink coffee". Instead of having a thermos at your disposal, how about leaving it in the kitchen to have an excuse to get up and have a coffee? This simple change of having reasons to get up from the chair, can improve your cardiomuscular system in addition to muscle tone.

Musicality will save you

Have you noticed that when we listen to music, especially a musical style that we like, we automatically move? Whether trying to keep up with the feet, head or the whole body. It sounds silly, but it does your body and mind very well. Listening to music can help you to reduce anxiety and make you sleep better. There are even songs that were developed by experts who claim to have developed relaxing characteristics in their compositions. But if you need inspiration, rhythm and motivation, choose your favorite band and see the results in your body and mind.

Have small exercise equipment close to you

This works mainly for those who are able to do 2 or more things at the same time. You can read important text or email while using hand weights or use resistance bands on your legs or heels. It is worth investing in these simple exercise equipment, but they will encourage you to use them to keep you active. You can also talk on the phone up and down some steps of your home, but in a moderate way so as not to lose your breath during the call.


It is incredible the power that a good stretching exercises on our body. Anyone who thinks that stretching is only useful for those who exercise hard is wrong. Stretching prevents injuries, gives you wonderful body awareness, increasing your flexibility, as well as being a nurturing for your muscles. You can stretch before, during and after your workday. Stretching can be from the simplest to the most complex, it all depends on how much your body accepts and gets used to this stretching. In a week you will feel the miraculous effects that stretching can provide.

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