Glossary of Pants

Dictionary of Pants!


Glossary of Pants

Dictionary of Pants!

Mom, baggy, clochard, jogger pants, what's the difference? Come with me and I'll explain.

Baggy: it is the one that has a high waist and wider modeling on the hips;

Skinny: it is the one in one piece, which is tight on the body;

Straight: it is the one that goes straight from the hip; ⁣

Pantalona: is the one with a marked waist, going down to the feet; ⁣

Flare: it is that tight on the hip and opens at the calf;

Boyfriend: it is that wide one, with a low crutch point and with hips which are unstructured; 

Jogger: it is the one with the waist and ankles marked with elastic.

Cargo: it is the one with wide pockets on the legs, usually with elastic on the waist.

Clochard: it is the one that has a gathered waistband, with more volume at the waist and tied with a sash; 

Carrot: it is one that has a wide modeling on the hips, often with pleats or pleats tapering towards the shin. It is also known as "cocoon pants" or "slouch pants";

Mom: it is the one with high waist and straight modeling, not very tight on the legs and also very comfortable;

Pantacourt: it is that short pantaloon :) with a marked waist, wide at the legs, and going all the way down to the knees.   

Regardless of the name, fashion or modeling the important thing is that you choose the pants that match your style and you feel more beautiful!

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