Find out why you need an inhaler at home

And how to choose the best inhaler

Find out why you need an inhaler at home

And how to choose the best inhaler

Respiratory illnesses can plague adults and children alike, especially in seasons when air humidity is lower.

And for relief and treatment of these diseases, we have inhalers or as some call it, nebulizers.

After all, this equipment delivers medication to our lungs through the airways.

An unparalleled relief for those suffering from cough, asthma or bronchitis, among other lung diseases.

Therefore, having an inhaler at home is essential so that symptoms can be treated as quickly as possible.

An inhaler can alleviate and treat the symptoms of respiratory and flu-like illnesses through the aspiration of medication that is added to saline.

In less severe cases, just the fact of inhaling saline solution is enough to provide great relief.

We currently have two types of inhalation methods on the market, which are ultrasonic inhalers and pneumatic inhalers.

Ultrasonic Inhaler

The ultrasonic inhaler relieves symptoms of breathing problems quickly.

This is due to its system of breaking the medicine down into tiny particles, promoting a much faster and easier absorption by the body.

Pneumatic Inhaler

On the other hand, we have the pneumatic inhaler which, despite being a simpler model, also offers good results.

It works through compressed air.

How to choose the best model

Therefore, the best way to analyze which is the ideal model for you, take into account what type of respiratory problem is more common in you or in your family.

An example is a person who suffers from chronic bronchitis.

Due to the fact that glucocorticoids are used in the treatment, the most suitable is the pneumatic inhaler, this one with compressed air.

If the treatment is with bronchodilators or just saline solution (to treat occasional problems), the ultrasonic inhaler is ideal.

The most modern inhalers bring a series of advantages such as low noise, practicality in cleaning the serum reservoir or even disposable versions, specific mask sizes for adults and children and the ease of use in any position, without risking the medication pour.

Another undisputed advantage is that many models have antibacterial protection, which is like a film that envelops all the device's accessories, preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

However, this protection does not dispense with good hygiene when washing the accessories.

Therefore, it is worth analyzing the models available and which ones suit the family's needs well.

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