Sunglasses: protection and style for your eyes

Plus: 5 unisex models to rock!

Sunglasses: protection and style for your eyes

Plus: 5 unisex models to rock!

Many people consider sunglasses as just an accessory to stand out in style. However, this accessory can avoid harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the eyes, such as: cancerous lesions on the eyelid, cataracts, photokeratitis (cornea inflamed by too much exposure to light), among others.

And protection should extend to children as well, as they may suffer these eye damage, even if it is late. Therefore, it is extremely important to buy quality glasses with ultraviolet protection.

Stylish sunglasses, but which offer no protection at all, can trigger or aggravate these effects described above, because by darkening the vision, the pupil dilates and receives radiation without any kind of control.

Now that you know how important and essential it is to wear quality sunglasses, we have separated some suggestions for you to protect your vision, in style! Check out!

Chilli Beans Aviator sunglasses

This model was inspired by the 1930s and is pure style, especially for those who enjoy the mix of modern and vintage . As it is unisex, it is very democratic and with a highly durable material, offering a 100% guarantee of protection against UV rays.

Ray Ban Blaze Hexagonal Sunglasses

With flat hexagonal lenses, these glasses add style to your look. This model is highly praised for being comfortable, light and modern. Its lenses are mirrored and match all styles. With UV protection, it is the right accessory for you to feel like a celebrity!

Goodr Sunglasses - Running - Pool Party

This model is very pleasing to those who love sunglasses with vibrant colors and a lot of personality. Besides being beautiful, they adhere well to the face, even with perspiration, they are light, comfortable and with protection against UV rays. Want to be fun and fashion? These glasses are perfect for you!

Big Vert sunglasses - HB

Made with polytech technology, this frame will not disappoint. High durability, resistance and style for these beautiful sunglasses, which are inspired by the big trends and match any style. They offer protection against UV rays. HB does not disappoint in creating such stylish sunglasses.

Emporio Armani EA2078 30016G 50 - Black / Mirror Gray

These glasses are a reinterpretation of the first model of the 80s, created by Giorgio Armani and please consumers who love the brand and all the style and design that it uses in its products. With UV protection, this model is light, comfortable and stylish!

Did you like any of these models or want to find others? You can find it on !

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