Crossbody Bag

Practicality combined with style for you!

Crossbody Bag

Practicality combined with style for you!

This bag that was created in the 40s, carries a lot of versatility and practicality in its history.

The Crossbody scholarship came to make life easier for women who were beginning to fight for their rights, including the right to work and earn their own wages.

Practicality comes from the ease of storing essential items inside, leaving your hands free and with that, giving you more mobility.

Its biggest features are its compact size and its long strap that goes around the neck, being supported on the shoulder and thus, crossing your body.

Hence the name "Crossbody bag".

In the 70s she came back with everything, being super popular mainly among hippies who added fringes and used more diverse materials such as colorful and rustic fabrics.

Because they are so easy and practical to use, the Crossbody bag has become an indispensable fashion item for everyday life.

With beautiful and diverse models, which can compose more casual and even more refined looks, this bag offers countless possibilities.

Check out some models that can easily match your personality, lifestyle and preferences:

For the day to day

It is very interesting to choose a model of Crossbody bag that can accompany you during your work routine until a night club, for example.

More structured models with neutral colors are the most suitable.

For more casual moments

In this case, this bag model with round shape is beautiful, fashion and combines very well with these more informal moments, such as trips to parks, movies or shopping.

Elegance and formality

For a more formal look, this well structured Crossbody bag with details like buckles or straps gives a more sophisticated and modern look at the same time.

Colors and more colors

If you can't resist a vibrant color, there are no restrictions with the Crossbody bag!

It blends perfectly with striking colors and gives life to your look, bringing more joy and color!

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