Check out 5 mouses worth buying in 2021

Main advantages combined with a great cost x benefit!

Check out 5 mouses worth buying in 2021

Main advantages combined with a great cost x benefit!

Although laptops have the option of using the touchpad, the preference for the mouse is indisputable.

A good mouse offers more freedom for developing projects and ideas, both on laptops and on PCs, games and there are some models that can be used on smartphones.

Features such as size, ergonomics and quick response when clicking on its buttons, can make life easier for its users, in addition to preventing injuries, by repetitive hand strain.

And with this goal of finding the best options, see the models with the best reviews from their consumers in 2021:

Logitech M190 Wireless Mouse with Ambidextrous Design

The Logitech M190 Wireless Mouse is a great option for those looking for a comfortable hands-on model (ambidextrous design), wireless (up to 10 meters away) and economical (durability of up to 18 months when using the battery).

Its installation is simple and easy, (just plug it into a USB port) and have the organization of a wireless technology peripheral.

Mouse C3 Tech Gamer Mg-10BK

For those who want a mouse with high technology, ergonomic design (with 6 buttons, including on its sides) and great durability to withstand hours of play, the Mouse C3 Tech Gamer Mg-10BK surprises.

With a variety of Led colors, your experience with this mouse will be even more interesting.

Erux ergonomic upright mouse

With a beautiful design that was developed to give a humanized wrist rest, the Delux ergonomic vertical mouse impresses.

This design, called vertical ergonomic, allows your forearm to be comfortable, protecting your wrist from possible injuries.

It also features RGB Chasing lighting and is also indicated to be used for gaming.

Microsoft Mobile Usb Wireless Mouse Black

Because it is lightweight and with an ambidextrous design, the Microsoft wireless mobile mouse comes with the quality of one of the best technology brands in the world.

It has an optical sensor with a nano receiver and three buttons to bring ease and precision to your routine.

Mobility and comfort for both hands.

Xgamer Multilaser Fire Button Usb 2400Dpi Mouse - MO208

Favorite among gamers, the Optical Mouse Xgamer Multilaser Fire Button Usb 2400Dpi - MO208 comes with a modern design, with Led on the sides, in addition to being very comfortable and resistant.

It also has 7 buttons for double shooting and buttons such as page forward and back.

Its nylon cable is a guarantee of durability and resistance and a gold-plated USB connector, considerably decreases the response time to your every move.

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