7 movies to face quarantine with your kids on Amazon prime!

They will love and so will you!

7 movies to face quarantine with your kids on Amazon prime!

They will love and so will you!

Remaining quarantined at home can become very boring for children, but a well-chosen film can solve that problem. In order to help parents, who also deserve good rest, there is a list of some great films available on Amazon Prime Video for adults and children to watch together. Besides having fun stories, the selected feature films were well evaluated by film critics. So, make some popcorn and have fun with your kids!

Ana and Bruno

Ana is a 9-year-old girl who with her mother, is going to spend her holidays in a mansion by the sea. She thinks the two of them are there to rest and admire the ocean, but in fact Ana's father left them in a psychiatric institution. Curiously, Ana soon makes friends among monsters and ghosts who live there. With their help, she tries to find her father again to reunite her family.

Lion King

In the African savannah, Simba, a young lion is the future king of the Stone of the Kingdom. After an elaborate trap by his uncle, Scar, Simba feels guilty about the death of his father, Mufasa, and decides to flee. In distant lands, the lion grows up and makes new friends, who help him have joy again. But when he finds out that his people are suffering from Scar's evil deeds, Simba returns to regain the throne.

Toy Story 4

Living at Boonie's house, Woody introduces his friends to the girl's new toy: Forky, which was made of a real plastic fork. Forky refuses to accept that it is no longer a fork and decides to run away from home. So Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang embark on a journey to bring Forky back. On the way, they find the Betty doll again.

Troop Zero

In 1977, in rural Georgia, lives Christmas Flint, a girl obsessed with aliens. Every night, she sends messages into space using a flashlight, but never receives a reply. Then, She hears something about a Boy Scout competition that will give the winning group the chance to include their voices in the Voyager Golden Record, a record sent into space by NASA. So, even though she doesn't know anything about Scouting, she gathers a troop of friends to participate in the contest.

The good dinosaur

In a different reality, humans and dinosaurs inhabit the world together, but they don't get along. Arlo is a messed-up apatosaurus, who can't do his job. After losing his father during a hunt, he wanders alone until he meets Spot, a small orphan boy who lives alone in the forest. Together, they try to find Arlo's family again and face the traps of wilderness.


Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Magorium, a 243 year old gentleman, owns the most fantastic toy store in the world, where everything comes to life. Magorium wants to retire so he hires the skeptical accountant Henry to take care of the bureaucratic issues and leaves the insecure manager Molly Mahoney in charge of sales. But missing Mogorium, the cheerful and colourful toys become apathetic and ashes. So Molly tries to find a way to bring the magic back to the store.

The Nutcracker and the four realms

Clara, a strong and independent young woman, loses the only key capable of opening a gift left by her mother, who has already died. At a party offered by her godfather, she follows some clues to find the key and ends up being taken to the magical world of the Four Realms. Clara finds out that her mother ruled the place, and that she is now threatened by the tyrant Ginger. Then, with the help of the soldier Phillip, she tries to bring peace back to the people.

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