A handkerchief in my hair, in my purse or as a blouse?



A handkerchief in my hair, in my purse or as a blouse?

The accessory that shined on the catwalks and in the international street style has everything to conquer a prominent place in the fashionistas' look during the next summer.

The French and retro scent that printed scarves give to the production is everything we want all year round, it works well in fresh, everyday hairstyles, but it also appears as a fashionista option when combined with other items they make. success in the wardrobe.

What if you still don't know how to creatively include and match the look of this accessory in your look?

Don't worry, we're here to inspire and help you!

1.Peasant style

There's nothing more retro & cool than tying the printed scarf on top of your head, as peasant women used to do to protect your hair from the wind or the sun. The accessory guarantees an unusual look, even in a basic look.

Try wearing the piece in a tailored look, with a button-down shirt, or a maxi blazer. So you bring a touch of personality into a serious and elegant production.


The ponytail is probably one of the most traditional hairstyles among the female audience. Classic and timeless, the hairstyle is usually a darling among those who prefer a minimalist look and with less information, but it can gain more personality with a few tricks. And that's where the scarf comes in.

Instead of using a regular clip to hold the strands in place, bet on the long scarf to leave the ends loose and drooping next to the ponytail. As next summer promises vibrant colors, the tip is to use a scarf with prints and striking tones to make the look more relaxed.

3. Bag or belt

Did you set up the whole look and miss something? Using the scarf to give a complement can, and a lot! One of the best options is as a belt, giving color and layers to the look. You can also tie it to the bag, ensuring a stunning detail for the production.

4- Make a top!

One that is conquering fashionistas around the world and has everything to do with our climate, is wearing a scarf as a top. A super styling trick to rock. One of the ways to use the scarf as a top is to simply tie it to the bust and tie a knot, with the ends loose.

Like a bikini top, but more chic and stylish - of course. This version is perfect to be worn with high-waist tailored pants. Round off the production with an oversized blazer for a cooler finish.
Another way to tie the scarf is in the 90's bandanna style. By the way, this tying format was super trendy in the decade that is currently in high demand. Fold the scarf into a triangular shape and knot the ends in the back. The intention of this mooring is of the halter type.

So, tell me, what is your favorite way to bet on this trend?


Mariana Alves - @doisenes

Joana Dalla Roza - @jodallaroza

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