Women's boots without heels

Riding, galoshes, boots, chelsea, country, biker and flat - Suggestions to rock this winter!

Women's boots without heels

Riding, galoshes, boots, chelsea, country, biker and flat - Suggestions to rock this winter!

With a variety of models, there is no way to not diversify your style when wearing boots.

Always in fashion and following trends, a good pair (or several pairs) of boots are incredible to compose looks in any season, but with great emphasis on winter.

Therefore, by knowing the main characteristics of each model, you will find those that best match your style, with a lot of charm and elegance.

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Find comfort and style in boots without heels or low heels

If you feel your feet are slaughtered by high heels, this style of footwear is just right for you!

Boots with no heel or low heel are perfect to accompany you on a busy day at work or even for a busy night of fun.

The most popular models are riding boots, galoshes, boots, chelsea, country, biker and flat.

Riding boots

Very popular in the middle of equestrian (that's why it has that name), riding boots have as main characteristics high top and buckle.

With traditional tones in brown and black leather, they are perfect shoes for the winter because they warm up your feet, are resistant to drizzly days and very stylish.

Combine them with pants more adjusted to the body, such as leggings (which can match the color of the boot) and pieces in jeans such as dresses and shorts.

Rain boots

Galoshes are boots made of rubber and are perfect for rainy days, as they do not allow water to enter the boot, keeping your feet dry and warm.

Symbol of modernity and youthfulness, wellies have won the preference of many, especially for the variety of colors and resistant material.

They are super stylish if combined with clothes of vibrant colors and different textures.


Taking inspiration from the footwear of soldiers, the boot has a thicker sole, is tied with laces and has a medium barrel.

For having these characteristics, fashion experts suggest that a balanced look should always be put together, for example, wearing boots that are heavier with lighter clothes, or bet everything on a military look.

Chelsea Boots

It's easy to identify chelsea boots: with elastic on the sides and short pipes, they were the darlings of the 60s.

Very comfortable and with this distinctive design, mount looks combining chelsea boots with dresses, shorts and skirts.

Country boots

They are boots made of leather, with a pointed toe and some more apparent details.

They are perfect with pieces in jeans, T-shirts, shirts and shorts.

Country boots are definitely for those who want a more stripped and stylish look.

Biker Boots

With pipes close to the ankles, the Biker Boots have a more Rock'n roll style, with details in studs or buckles.

Bet on incredible looks with jeans or more stripped down with light pieces.

Flat Boots

Whether with high pipes (the famous over the knee boots) or low, flat boots are modern, stylish and follow fashion trends beautifully.

They have a sexier style, are comfortable and warm up well in winter.

Wear them with skinny pants, shorts and dresses.

Just pay attention if they are low-cut or over the knee, to get a sensational look.

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