What we already know about Transformers: Awakening the Beasts

Launch is scheduled for June 2022

What we already know about Transformers: Awakening the Beasts

Launch is scheduled for June 2022

Based on the animated series Beast Wars, this new film in the franchise, directed by Steven Caple Jr, promises to breathe new life into discerning fans and attract new eyes.

Despite being a big news on movie screens, the Beast Wars:Transformers universe had already been introduced to the world in the 90s, as an animated series.

Discover the Beast Wars animation series

First released in the United States and Canada, Beast Wars took place 300 years of the Transformers franchise in the future, with the evolution into biomechanical form of Decepticons and Autobots, the famous “The Great Upgrade”.

With new names like Predacons and Maximals, the battle for the Energon crystals continues, with full force.

For those who don't remember, Energon crystals are nothing less than the life force of the entire Transformer machinery system.

After the Maximals' relentless pursuit of the Predacons, a mysterious phenomenon happens and imprisons them both on an unknown planet, however, enriched with the purest Energon, which proves deadly to the robotic forms of the two groups.

In order to survive this dangerous and new situation, Maximals and Predacons leave their automotive forms, taking the form of animals and their biological components.

Maximals mostly take the forms of birds, fish and mammals, with an emphasis on Optimus Primal (descendant of Optimus Prime) who takes the form of a gorilla with a silver back.

On the other hand, Predacons take the forms of reptiles, including dinosaurs, invertebrates and amphibians, with Megatron taking the form of a T-Rex.

Even with these significant changes, the theme remains the same: a brutal struggle between a group that defends goodness and unity and another that is driven by evil and thirst for power at any cost.

Values such as honesty, friendship and fairness were conveyed in a light and very self-explanatory way, which made this animated series a huge success, winning the Emmy Daytime Award, as Best Individual Achievement in Animation, and boosting toy sales in Hasbro company, with collections inspired by the series, as well as video games.

What is the central story of Transformers: The Awakening of the Beasts?

Director Steve Caple Jr states that “Beasts Wars is one of the most important stories in the Transformers canon, I followed it when I was a fan of the cartoon. We go all out with nostalgia but at the same time offer something unexpected, and that's what we're doing with the Terrorcons.”

The Awakening of the Beasts will take place in 1994, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, with breathtaking scenes in Peru and Mexico.

The much loved Optimus Prime will have all the dynamics of the film focused on him.

With a time travel, Predacons and Maximals will appear on planet Earth, in the present day, coming into confrontation also with Decepticons and Autobots.

Get ready for epic action scenes, a very interesting script and a lot of emotion in this new Transformers feature!

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