Surrender to Ukraine's charms!

It will surprise you!

Surrender to Ukraine's charms!

It will surprise you!

If you enjoy beautiful beaches, medieval cities and beautiful mountain villages, Ukraine is the right destination for you!

Ukraine is located in eastern Europe, bordering Russia and the Black Sea.

The best time to go to Ukraine is in the summer, as the extremely pleasant temperatures allow you to do activities in the open air, go to the beach, visit sights and see the sunset without the slightest problem.

In the winter, the temperature drops a lot (below zero), with the sky usually overcast, strong winds and dry, freezing air. Nothing inviting for those who like to do these activities above, is not it?

Ukrainians are very nice people!

The cold there, is only in the temperature in the winter.

Ukrainians are known for being very helpful and welcoming, and they show a lot of sympathy.

Most people who travel to Ukraine, insist on highlighting these characteristics of the Ukrainian people.

After all, it is not very pleasant to visit a country, not know how to speak its language and still be mistreated.

So, all the compliments to them!

Great infrastructure and affordable prices

Ukraine has its own currency ( Grivnia or hryvnia ), which guarantees incredibly affordable prices for its visitors.

This country manages to please with varied attractions on the beautiful beaches on the Black Sea, its impressive medieval cities, such as Lviv and in the Carpathian region and its charming mountain villages.

Not to mention its vibrant capital Kiev, known for its imposing, gold-filled churches dating from the Middle Ages.

In Kiev, the Lavra Monastery caves are open to visitors, where you can see mummified monks who are in glass coffins, revered by the Orthodox Church.

Its restaurants are praised for their food full of texture, color and flavor!

You can communicate in English, in most places in Kiev, but Ukrainians do not hide their pride in their language (Ukrainian), which for them is a great sign of patriotism.

Exuberant nature


On the coast of the city of Odesa, the main attraction is swimming in the Black Sea.

There, you will witness happy people sunbathing, practicing water sports and enjoying everything that summer can provide in that place.


Another suggestion is the Carpathian mountain system, which covers a small part of Ukraine.

With 48 tourist routes for climbing, camping, or hiking. Having the lowest point of 500 meters and the highest point of 2,061 meters, the imposing Mount Hoverla.

Without a doubt, you will find the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country.

Starting with the crystalline rivers and their beautiful bridges and beautiful green hills, some with snow.

Tokivske waterfall

Tokivske Waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful.

And this beauty is due to a specific characteristic that it has.

Because it has red granite on its rocks, when the sun goes down, the sun's rays are reflected by it, enchanting everyone who has the privilege of being present at that moment.

It is possible to swim there too, but the waters are very cold, just not so cold for Ukrainians, who are already used to low temperatures.


Another must-see is Kamianets-Podilskyi, which offers the welcome of a small town and the gift of being able to visit a canyon and a beautiful river.

There is also an ostentatious medieval castle, as well as balloon rides to get to know Kamianets-Podilskyi and have a panoramic view of the place.

Aktov Canyon

The Aktov canyon is located in the Buzkiy Gard National Park, an ideal place for walks through paths through the forest or among the rocks, offering unique and wonderful landscapes!

Many say that this canyon resembles the most well-known canyons in the United States.


It has already been talked about how great Ukrainians are, and the hosting network in Ukraine is no different.

Prepare to be very well received, with comfort, security and affordable prices.

In addition, hosting networks have taken every precaution against Covid-19.

Sanitizing the bedding at high temperature, providing antiseptics throughout the hotel and sanitizing areas where people most often circulate.

Many hotels offer more flexible cancellation policies, such as the possibility to do this up to 24 hours before check in, free of charge.

Ukraine is passionate, isn't it?

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