Everything you need to know to choose your eyeliner right

Eyeliner in gel, pencil or liquid: which is better?

Everything you need to know to choose your eyeliner right

Eyeliner in gel, pencil or liquid: which is better?

You can use the best foundation for your face, that breathy lipstick and even that amazing eye shadow, but when you decide to add a nice line to your look...

from ancient times

Many historians believe that the origin of the eyeliner dates back to 10,000 years BC mainly in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

And it wasn't something exclusive to women. Men also enjoyed using both eyeliner and makeup as a whole, mainly because they believed it could protect them from sun damage, in addition to enhancing and empowering their eyes.

What is the best eyeliner: liquid, gel or pencil?

Like almost everything else in life, this type of response requires the analysis of some important aspects.

Fact is, you will find advantages and disadvantages, according to your type of personal experience with an eyeliner, be it pencil, liquid or gel.

So, it's worth checking out the most striking features of each one and choosing yours!

If you are starting...

The pencil-type eyeliner is the most suitable for those who have little or no experience in making an eyeliner.

Because it has a thicker tip, it feels firmer and allows for a variation in the application of force when using it.

If you like makeup with a more natural look on your eyes, this eyeliner is ideal for you!

defined outline

For a more defined outline, with well defined lines, the liquid eyeliner is perfect.

And you can find it in two versions: a bottle with a kind of brush with a sharpened tip inside and one that looks a lot like a pen.

The best thing is that both are great for getting a fine and precise stroke, just stretching the eyelids a little.

With a little training, you will get a beautiful and striking makeup on your look.

And what about the gel eyeliner?

The first compliment goes to the fact that this eyeliner is well pigmented and has great fixation on the skin.

Recommended for those who want a super striking makeup.

However, most do not come with their own brush for application, so it is necessary to buy it separately.

Even so, the gel eyeliner is the darling of makeup artists and it's the right bet if you've mastered the art of making a beautiful eyeliner.

Extra advantages when choosing brands that care about the health of your eyes

Have you ever used makeup and noticed that these products irritated your eyes?

Well, when you opt for those companies that have eye-tested products, chances are minimal of experiencing discomfort or irritation in your eyes.

So, invest in these brands!

And speaking of them...

If you are a supporter of the animal cause, it is important to look for brands that have the "Cruelty Free" seal, that is, that do not test on animals.

You can find this information both on the packaging and on the manufacturer's website.

Learn more about Cruelty Free products by clicking here .

Perfect outline even underwater

The waterproof eyeliner is incredibly efficient when it comes to having a long-lasting makeup that won't smudge, even with sweat, tears or contact with water.

But do not worry!

To remove it, just use a good makeup remover.

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