You need to know Amazon Prime!

What you need to know to enjoy all the benefits! And there are many!

You need to know Amazon Prime!

What you need to know to enjoy all the benefits! And there are many!

Amazon has stood out for offering a wide variety of products, with affordable prices and great deals.

However, the subject of the moment has been: is it worth it or not to have Amazon Prime? Therefore, we list here everything that is offered so that you can take all your doubts and have Amazon Prime in your life today!

Free Shipping Unlimited

One of the biggest complaints from consumers is the value of shipping, which is often almost the same as the product purchased, depending on where you live. Not to mention the deadlines for many business days of delivery, which can be very disruptive, depending on the urgency with which you need to receive your product.

Well, with Amazon Prime, you can buy what you want and in the quantity you want, without freight charges for each product purchased. When they promise unlimited free shipping, they really are serious! There is no type of requirement, such as a minimum purchase amount.

Delivery is fast and you can check all this on products with Prime seal.

Prime Video

With Prime Video, you have access to Amazon's original productions, as well as high-grossing series and movies , for all tastes. There are also many incredible options for children, such as children's series and successful animated films.

Another advantage is that you can download the content you want to watch and choose where you want to save it, either on your phone's internal memory or on a memory card, which helps a lot to not take up space on your phone.

The image quality will also impress you, both on computers, smartphones and tablets, and can be accessed on up to 3 devices at the same time .

Prime Music

With a collection of more than 2 million songs , listen to your favorite singers and bands, without interruption of ads and without limit to change music. You can also listen to them offline and on any electronic device in your home with Alexa technology. (learn more about Alexa here ).

Just enjoy and enjoy all the unique experience that Prime Music has to offer.

Prime Reading

With hundreds of E-books and magazines, you will surely find your favorite authors, in addition to having unlimited access to those books that a long time ago, you were curious to know.

Read and reread as many times as you want, because Prime Reading culture has no limits! Download the Kindle app and enjoy!

Prime Gaming

A selection of games are available every month, which can be downloaded at no additional cost. This includes games and additional items such as upgrades, upgrades, weapons and characters.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

And the advantages don't stop there. By being a Prime customer, you have access to exclusive promotions and offers , in all categories.

Be it a shirt, a body cream or a computer. Only Prime customers will be entitled to take advantage of these unmissable offers and promotions!

Did you like everything Amazon Prime can offer you, but still have questions? Take the free trial for 30 days (click here ), without any difficulty, if you want to cancel. After 30 days, you will continue to have access to all of this for just R $ 9.90 per month.

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