Xiaomi Poco M3 Smartphone

Affordable value with a lot to offer!

Xiaomi Poco M3 Smartphone

Affordable value with a lot to offer!

Aiming to manufacture high-end performance smartphones at a low cost, Xiaomi created the Poco subbrand.

And the success was so great that Poco decided to produce cell phones with an affordable price, such as the Xiaomi Poco M3 Smartphone.

If you are looking for a more affordable cell phone that offers good performance and a differentiated design, the Poco M3 can be an excellent alternative.

With quality specs, a great battery that can last for up to 2 days and efficient cameras, Poco M3 will surprise you!

Meet the Poco M3

The first thing that catches your eye is its design, with the brand stamped on the back, which can be in more vibrant colors like blue and yellow.

The back has a texture that resembles leather, which is amazing, especially to create a better grip and not leave fingerprints on the device.

Its screen has 6.53 inches and an excellent Full HD+ resolution (which occupies almost all of the front, except for the small space where the selfie camera is located), with an ideal size for enjoying content such as games, movies and series.

Another great idea from Xiaomi was putting the fingerprint reader on the same on/off button, which turns out to be a very practical feature in addition to being an innovative idea.


The Poco M3 Smartphone can run applications without crashing, competently.

That's because it has a Snapdragon 662 processor and 4GB of RAM, great for Android 10 and most popular apps.

Now, the biggest highlight goes to its 6,000 mAh battery, which can withstand 17 consecutive hours of video production.

In other words, there is no concern about enjoying their contents with such a battery.

Another highly praised feature is the sound that the smartphone reproduces with great quality, due to the two stereo audio outputs (one located at the bottom and the second sound output, at the bottom).


With good lighting that can be artificial or natural, the Poco M3's camera manages to keep capturing many details, without the need for retouching.

When using the main sensor, images have good definition even in low light.

And its 8 Mpx front camera, for taking selfies and quality video calls!

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