How to enjoy your trip in Covid-19 times

Because life cannot stop!

How to enjoy your trip in Covid-19 times

Because life cannot stop!

2021 has given us an air of hope, a shy breath, but a little relieved with a glimpse that soon, we will be able to return to our routine so dreamed and free from fear.

And with renewed hopes, we can finally begin to resume some activities, with due care and precaution, and also plan our long-awaited trips!

But calm down! The pandemic is not over yet and for that reason, it is necessary to find out about the possibilities of traveling, what can be done or not there, its restrictions and how to make the most of what the place has to offer.

As many people are still afraid to travel by plane, due to the fact that they are in a closed environment for a few hours and with several people, many have chosen to make short trips by car, renting houses or staying in hotels that respect WHO.

How to choose the best place

Firstly, it is important to find out about the tourist points of the place, which ones are open, visiting hours and obey the restrictions imposed.

That done, you need to choose the type of accommodation you want, whether it is further away from the city or not, which leisure options, such as swimming pools, rivers or waterfalls.


If you choose hotels or inns, ask about the preventive measures against Covid-19, as well as cleaning the environments.

What are the dining options and times.

The chains of hotels and inns are super flexible in terms of the reservation and cancellation policy, giving the possibility of making the cancellation up to 24 hours before check in.

These hotel and inn chains have also been innovating, offering very interesting outdoor activities, both for those looking for relaxation and fun.

Leisure options

It is a fact that the more urban the place is, the greater the likelihood of people gathering.

For this reason, many have been looking for places close to, but more inland, with outdoor activities, to feel safer during the pandemic.

There is no denying the range of options that nature has to offer us.

Kayak trips, visits and waterfall baths, lakes, visits to wineries, mountaineering, climbing, trails or even a simple picnic, can guarantee precious moments full of joy and satisfaction.

Yes, take your mask, your alcohol gel, but also take this joy and appreciation for life with you!

I guarantee that there will be plenty of good memories of those very special days!

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