Ecological fireplace - a new concept in design and heating efficiency

Know what it is and how it works!

Ecological fireplace - a new concept in design and heating efficiency

Know what it is and how it works!

There's nothing better than facing the cold, warming yourself with a fireplace, isn't it?

And in addition to warming the environment, they bring a notorious charm to the house, with a cozy touch.

And in this scenario, we have ecological fireplaces that are specially designed for people who do not have a fixed fireplace at home or who wish to have one in their garden or backyard.

The question is: why is it called ecological and how does it work?

An ecological fireplace is an item that promotes sustainability, in addition to efficient heating in the most varied environments and rooms of the house.

With an alcohol chamber attached, fire flames are produced, with the help of the burning alcohol, as it is flammable.

And the fact that it doesn't use firewood, like a traditional fireplace, doesn't produce smoke.

Another advantage is its ease of transport, which makes it ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

How is the ecological fireplace lit?

Its operation is super simple: just add alcohol to the opening of the chamber and light it, using a metal rod that usually comes with the fireplace.

As long as there is alcohol in the burner, the fire will remain lit, lasting between 2 to 4 hours.

It is recommended to wait for the flames to go out naturally, but there is the possibility of using the flame control, with the lid closing over the burner, very safely.

And what is the reason this type of fireplace is called ecological?

The main reason is that, as there is no need to use wood to generate fire, it releases a much smaller amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Consequently, it does not create residue, whether it is smoke or dirt, helping to keep the place clean.

Another advantage is the fact that it does not give off any smell due to fire, which makes it extremely pleasant.

Finally, cleaning is done with detergent and a damp cloth, whenever the fire is out and the fireplace is cold.

See these models of ecological fireplaces and how they fit in any environment:

Warm up your bedroom with this model that comes with a protection on the sides for your safety, while the second model can be positioned further away from the bed.

In the living room, we have this more modern and equally beautiful option.

And the classic wooden model, with all the charm and warmth of the rustic.

Look at the elegance of this ecological garden fireplace!

A more compact model, but with all the charm that a fireplace can offer.

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