Check out the 7 professions to work from home office

Know the advantages and requirements of each one

Check out the 7 professions to work from home office

Know the advantages and requirements of each one

Due to the new world scenario, many people have been affected economically by not being able to work in their workplaces, leading many professionals to look for new work opportunities that can be performed at home, or the famous term "home office". The advantages of working from home range from the fact that you don't have to face everyday traffic, to the opportunity to have more flexible hours, increasing productivity. Many people still believe that this type of work does not have any type of employment relationship, which is a myth, since many companies, including multinationals, have adopted this type of labor contract because they believe that when their employee is not stressed with the question of distance and traffic and has more flexible schedules, there is an increase in your productivity and motivation, generating great results. Given so much positive information, check out this list of 10 professions to work from home office and see which one best fits your profile!


This has been the profession of the moment, as many schools or even students have sought professionals who teach with excellence, even if it is online. And for this modality, in addition to the required training, it is essential that the teacher be creative, proactive and master the basics of technology. Nowadays there are many applications with numerous tools to make the class more interesting and dynamic, even if it is online. There is also an improvement in behavior among students, since many become more shy in front of the computer screen and tend to pay more attention. There is another type of client looking for tutoring classes or learning something specific to improve job performance.

Translator and interpreter

This area has always been very well explored, mainly by companies that work with translations ranging from academic texts, medicine inserts, even books and legal documents. As for the interpreter, there is also a good opportunity, as many companies have held video conferences and meetings through platforms such as Zoom, and they need interpreters to conduct their meetings with people from other countries. Either way, it's a great opportunity if you speak the main languages.

Software Developer

This type of professional usually has the perfect profile to work from home, due to the fact that it is a more lonely profession and that can establish communication with other professionals over the internet, without the need to work in groups in person, for example. To be a software developer, you need to have full knowledge in the field, a good computer and a great internet connection. This profession has been highly valued and large companies are always looking for these professionals, with great remuneration and benefits.

Copywriter or journalist

Companies and agencies have been working with these professionals in the home office style for a long time. This happens due to the need for the professional to have to write about a certain topic or event at any time, so there is this flexibility. This professional must be attuned to everything that happens in the world, be proficient in the language, especially in its spelling and basic knowledge about technology. Compensation can be negotiated as a monthly fee or hourly wages.

Game designer

Creativity is a determining factor for developing characters, creating scripts and animations, thinking about the rules of the game, among other things. The game designer has a very wide area, as he can develop games for computers, video games, cell phones, tablets, etc. For a game to be ready, a team of developers is usually selected, but all communication and execution of the project can be done online. Due to the great demand for games on various devices, it is a profession with plenty of opportunity and that can be well paid.


Many say that the accountant reflects a company's financial health. This is due to the fact that this professional directs and takes care of financial operations, planning all the tax part, controlling the inflow and outflow of cash, analyzing the possible success of a purchase or sale, and developing investment strategies. In other words, it is essential for the company to be financially healthy. All of this routine and processes can be done from home and, if necessary, aligned with the customer through a call or video conference.

Travel agent / exchange

This professional is responsible for organizing national and international tourism trips. He does customer service, obtaining important information to organize sightseeing tours, assembles personalized itineraries, makes the scheduling of visits to theme parks, among other functions. It is essential that this professional is a graduate, but that he is also a lover of other cultures, always aware of the news and places that his clients may love to visit, in addition to being very organized and charismatic. Many customers prefer to obtain information and values by phone or online, which guarantees the viability of this home office service as well.

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