What's new in beauty and cosmetics for you

What's new in beauty and cosmetics for you

Beauty and cosmetics products are unbeatable in terms of loyalty. This is because, no matter how bad a person is financially, they will hardly stop going to a barbershop or hairdresser, or buying their favorite lipstick or hair cream. And to further build customer loyalty, major brands have focused on a broader audience and listened to their key needs. Let's get to know these products and see which one is perfect for you?

Products that promote inclusive beauty

The idea of these companies is to include several ethnic groups in their cosmetic and beauty products offers. For a long time many products have been focused on the caucasian origin, leaving very few options for black or asian skin, for example. Today there are innovative products that promise to fit the type and color of skin, according to who is using it. The revolutionary idea comes from TLM with the Foundation Color Changing. What wonderful ethnic inclusion! There are also products that promise to be effective for both male and female.

The male audience is more vain and concerned about their appearance

The champion in sales to the male public has been cosmetics that meet the needs of a well cared beard and silky hair. And knowing how much men like practicality, many brands have developed products that take care of hair, beard and moustache, using only one product. Among them is L'Oreal Men Expert Beard Care Kit for Men, which offers exactly that.

Skin protected from sun radiation and Wi-Fi

We know that electrosmog damages the DNA of our skin through free radicals. This is a great concern, mainly because many people work from home and think they don't need sunscreen because they are not exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Trycone Ultra Matte Dry Touch L- Glutathione Sunscreen Gel promises to block and protect your skin from these harmful effects.It also helps to lighten your skin and protect it from pollution damage.

Teeth whitening = beautiful smile 

The smile can make a nice first impression. That's why many companies have dedicated themselves to developing products to improve and whiten their customers' smiles, in a very simple and easy way at home. Many studies have shown that people who strive to have prettier and whiter teeth, tend to have better oral hygiene, which benefits and greatly their health. Sonic Blue Smart Brush Whitening Kit comes with a blue light technology toothbrush and special toothpaste and gel that promises to whiten your teeth within 10 days.

And talking about lips...

We believe that the biggest complaint of women regarding lipsticks is that many do not deliver the fixation time they promise, besides leaving their lips dry and cracked. This has not been a problem for Covergirl Exhibitionist 24 Hour Ultra Matte Lipstick. This formidable lipstick offers 10 shades and promises a 24 hour duration and improves the lip's moisture by 40 %.

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