The best workout clothes designed

The right workout clothes to help you stay comfortable and cool!

The best workout clothes designed

The right workout clothes to help you stay comfortable and cool!

You feel it was a hard and effective workout when you're all covered in sweat, and wearing the right clothes will make all the difference in how you feel during and after your workout. Important aspects such as the type of fabric and how suitable the clothing is for the type of activity you've chosen will make you feel incredibly good despite your fatigue.Thanks to technology, sports fabrics have been developed with two basic functions: to put sweat away from the skin and absorb sweat. Everything will depend on the type of exercise and the type of result you want to achieve.

Types of fabric

Breathable synthetic fabrics are perfect for draining sweat from your body and keeping it fresh. Fabrics made with polypropylene, for example, are a great alternative for exercises that will make you sweat a lot, because this material makes the sweat evaporate, but without letting the clothes sweaty. Clothes made of cotton are comfortable and light, but they absorb sweat and do not evaporate quickly. So you can feel heavy and all sweaty while you work out. On the other hand, clothes with plastic or rubber based materials are bad and raise the body temperature a lot during  workout.

The right size and fit of clothing

In general, work out clothes should be comfortable and loose. But depending on the activity, such as riding a bicycle, it is good to wear clothes that fit your body better, to avoid chafing between your legs. Yoga or Pilates require clothes with elastic fabrics because of the movements and stretching. The important thing is to remember that you need to feel comfortable for your work out to be effective and safe. There are some examples of clothes below so you can choose the perfect one for you to work out.

High-waisted compression leggings

These leggings have a lightweight and breathable fabric, but they also offer a light compression so you feel safe to practice any exercise, moving your body efficiently. They also give you a nice shape for your body, making you feel more confident and beautiful while exercising.

Short sleeve shirt

What is fantastic about the technology applied to this shirt is the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause odor. Its design is also very practical because it adapts to all body types and its fabric offers optimal ventilation.

Sports Bra

This sports bra is very functional as it offers all the support and security you need for your breasts while exercising. The fabric is designed to not let the moisture of sweat remain in you and also, its padded material offers a lot of comfort, both in the breasts, back and shoulders.

Flex 2-in-1 Shorts

These shorts are excellent for comfort and freshness. With Dri-Fit technology, you'll feel good without sweat and with plenty of ventilation. The shorts underneath prevent the appearance of chafing.

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